Event Quests

Halloween Event - Story Quests
Haunted Forest
I Will Come to Your Side, I Have Come
The Woman of Mirage
Queen of the Blood-Soaked Tomatoes
Secret Joy of the Impaler
Hyper Enthusiastic Maid Cat
Melody Just For You
Christmas Event - Story Quest
Prologue: The Dark Santa
1st Night: Little Darius
2nd Night: Her Name is Little Marie
3rd Night: Heartbreakā˜…Jean Kay
4th Night: Penname, Daddy-Long-Legs
5th Night: Little Gilgamesh
6th Night: Fake Santa, Caesar
7th Night: Attack! The Alter Next Door
GUDAGUDA Honnoji - Main Quests
Prologue: The Warring Era of Heroic Spirits
Act 1: Sneak Attack!! GUDAGUDA Okehazama
Act 2: Dashing!! GUDAGUDA Three Line Formation
Act 3: Predicament!! GUDAGUDA Encircling Net
Act 4: Overwhelming Victory!! GUDAGUDA Tenka Fubu
Final Act: Up in Flames!! GUDAGUDA Honnoji
GUDAGUDA Honnoji - Bonus Quests
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven I
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven II
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven III
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven IV
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven V
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven VI
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven VII
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven IX
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven X
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven XI
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven XII
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven XIV
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven XV
GUDAGUDA Golden Heaven XVI
Halloween Event - Surprise Quests
A Visitor in the Dark Night - Mystery of the Ossuary -
Visitor in the Rain - Banquet of the Dragons -
Visitor of the Long Night - Turn Around and He's There -
Visitor of the Perpetual Night - My Wife is a Witch -
Visitor on a Misty, Moonlit Night - Flowers of the Underworld -
Visitors Through the Night
Saber Wars Free Quest
Equipment Gathering - Novice
Equipment Gathering - Intermediate
Equipment Gathering - Advanced
Equipment Gathering - Expert
Equipment Gathering - Comet
Equipment Gathering - Planet
Equipment Gathering - Star Cluster
Equipment Gathering - Galaxy
Equipment Gathering - Super Dimension
Halloween Event - Party Quests
Heroic Party
Mysterious Party
Lunatic Party
Doppel Party
Royal Party
Christmas Event - Free Quest
Stocking Gathering - Novice: Dreaming Christmas
Stocking Gathering - Intermediate: Smiling Christmas
Stocking Gathering - Advanced: Naughty Christmas
Stocking Gathering - Expert: Almost Christmas
Stocking Gathering - Holy Night: Grown-Up Christmas
Saber Wars Challenge Quest
Space Creature Invasion! I
Space Creature Invasion! II
Space Creature Invasion! III
Space Creature Invasion! IV
Space Creature Invasion! V
Space Creature Invasion! VI
Space Creature Invasion! VII
Space Creature Invasion! VIII
Space Creature Invasion! IX
Space Creature Invasion! X
Space Creature Invasion! XI
Space Creature Invasion! XII
Space Creature Invasion! XIII
GUDAGUDA Honnoji - Free Quests
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Novice
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Intermediate
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Advanced
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Sanjiva - Berserker
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Kalasutra - Saber
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Samaghata - Assassin
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Raurava - Rider
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Maharaurava - Lancer
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Tapana - Caster
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Pratapana - Archer
GUDAGUDA Tea Set Collection - Hell - Avici - All
Saber Wars Main Quest
Episode I: Lily's Departure
Monster Attack! I
Monster Attack! II
Episode II: Blackbeard Awakens
Monster Attack! III
Episode III: Revival of Rome
Episode IV: Awakening of the Universe
Episode V: Answers of X
Episode VI: Journey of the Flower
Halloween Event - Free Quests
First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage
Final Stage
Encore Live
Moon Goddess - Free Quests
Dumpling Gather - Novice
Dumpling Gather - Intermediate
Dumpling Gather - Advanced
Dumpling Gather - Expert
Dumpling Gather - Goddess
Moon Goddess - Story Quests
Episode 0: Moonlight Hunter
Episode 1: Antoinette and Company
Episode 2: Battle at the Coastline
Episode 3: Moon Over the Ruined Castle
Episode 4: Does Moon Goddess Dream of Dango?
Nero Fest - Qualifier
Novice: Salon de Caster
Intermediate: By the White Flag
Advanced: Diva with the Beautiful Rose +1
Expert: Three Heroes of China
Nero Fest - Main Event
Novice: Battle of Gojo Bridge
Intermediate: By the Black Flag
Advanced: The Girl Next Door
Expert: Muscle Language
Nero Fest - Finals
Novice: We Have Come in Secret
Intermediate: Knight's Oath
Advanced: Gorgon Island
Expert: Glorious Rome
Grand Finale: Aestus Domus Aurea