Don't you have to know the original work to enjoy this kind of game?

No, while there's plenty of allusions to the larger Fate/Stay Night franchise, you'll not be lost if this is your entry to the series. The tutorial does a good job of setting the scene and explaining the stakes involved.

What does ____ mean?

Check out our dictionary. The game throws a lot of terminology at you early on, because the game came from an established universe. If you're familiar with RPG systems though, most of the game concepts have a standard RPG equivalent.

Do my dialogue choices matter?

The choices, they do nothing (at least early on). Dialogue choices do not change gameplay until Masters reach the Babylonia Singularity, which is the Seventh Singularity in the main story line of Part 1.

Is it too late to catch up?

Fate/Grand Order is more or less single player game, so feel free to play the game at your own pace.

How much do I have to spend on this game to keep up?

It's very possible to beat the game without spending a penny. This game features minimum power creep and many competitive common servants. If you have a favorite Servant you must have, though, it'll hurt your wallet. It's a strange combination of generous to free players, yet harsh on paid players.

How do I bind my account?

Binding creates a one time transfer number to help you protect and recover your account. Go to the My Room > Create Transfer Number in the menu and set a password. Write this 10 digit alphanumeric number down and screen cap it, keep it in a safe place. If your phone ever breaks, it's the only way to get your account back on your own. Otherwise you'll have to contact customer service for account recovery, and it can be a crapshoot.

How do I fight other players?

There's no PVP in this game. Direct interaction with other players are limited to borrowing their Servants as support.

Is there trading?

There's no player to player trading. An NPC shop exists for selling excess cards for mana prism, which can be used to purchase various goods.

What is rerolling?

Resetting the game by deleting game data (or reinstalling the game) for a chance at better Servants with the initial summons. If you plan on reroll, generate a transfer number of your old account in case you change your mind.

When is the daily reset?

  • Quests: 00:00 UTC / 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Eastern
  • Login Gifts: 04:00 UTC / 9 PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern

How do I get more Quartz?

Paid Saint Quartz starts at $1 each in the cash shop. Free Quartz are available developer gifts, story progression, and login bonuses. See this guide for details.

I'm out of AP.

AP regenerates every 5 minutes, so take a break and go for a walk.

While you can use Saint Quartz to recharge AP, doing so is highly not recommendation. Save your Quartz for summoning.

How do I get more Friend Points?

  • Equip one of your sub-members with Beginning of the Journey CE for an extra 75 FP per battle.
  • Reorganize your Support and CE lineup (Format > Support) to make them more enticing for your friends to use.
  • Make room for new friends in your friend list by getting rid of absent ones.


Who do I need to beat the game?

1* to 3* Servants are often competitive in this game, since they're commonly dropped and therefore their NP are easy to upgrade. It's quite possible to play through the entire story and most of the events without a single rare Servant on your team. Check out this this Japanese playthrough to see how powerful a well chosen team of common servants can do.

How do I get more Servants?

1* to 3* Servants can be summoned with Friend Points, and 3* to 5* Servants can be summoned with Saint Quartz in the Summon menu. The story mode also gives away a few Servants.

What do I upgrade?

Almost Everything is upgradeable in the Enhance menu. The specifics involved can be a bit convoluted, see our Upgrade and Leveling Guide for details. You want to focus on leveling and upgrading your main Servants early on. Leveling Craft Essence and Servant Skills give marginal return and better left for end game.

Why is the level cap so low?

Each Servant has an initial level cap based on their rarity. They can be ascended 4 times, raising their level cap by 10 each (Enhance > Ascension).

All Servants can theoretically reach level 100, however, by giving them Holy Grails (Enhance > Palingenesis) after reaching their max ascension. Keep in mind that Holy Grails are the ultimate limited resource, with just 3 available to NA players thus far, and only 19 in the Japanese server after 2 years of content. Save Holy Grails for the Servant(s) you truly care about.

What do I do with duplicates cards?

You can't use duplicate servants, unfortunately, so duplicate Servants should be used to improve its Noble Phantasm (Enhance > Noble Phantasm).

For Craft Essence, you can combine 5 duplicates to improve its special effect (Enhance > Craft Essence).

What's bond levels for?

Each level unlocks new profile content for the Servant. Servant's interlude quests also have bond level requirements to unlock. Later levels (6 and up) gives Saint Quartz or Golden Apples. Bond Level 10 unlocks a powerful, Servant-specific Craft Essence, but will take months to achieve for each Servant.

What are Interlude Quests?

Interlude quests are fun side quests that give you a glimpse of a Servant's personality and history. Most gives a Saint Quartz as reward, but some gives skill/NP upgrades for the Servant. They require a servant to reach a certain ascension level and bond level to unlock.


Why won't this Servant's NP gauge fill up?

You can only use the NP of your friend's Support Servant, or a Guest Servant from story mode. Try to fill up your friend list with strong Servants as you progress through the story.

How do I move the Support Servant?

Click the lineup button on the lower left corner of the planning screen and drag it to another position.

How much does class advantage matter?

The primary classes form 2 sets of combat triangles, each does double damage and takes halved damage from the class it has advantage over:

  • Archers beat Sabers, Sabers beat Lancers, and Lancers beat Archers.
  • Assassins beat Riders, Riders beat Casters, and Casters beat Assassins.

For special classes: Berserker takes double damage but deals 150% damage; Ruler takes half damage from everyone but Berserker; Shielder takes and deals neutral damage to all.

Is there a defense stat?

No, all servants and enemies take the same raw damage before class affinity and status effects.

How do Attack and Defense modifiers affect damage?

They directly modify damage output, so a 20% Defense Down or a 20% Attack Up increases damage by roughly 20%. Multiple modifiers stack linearly.

**How much is the Critical boost?"

Doubles damage, NP gain, and chance of critical star drops.

Can I disable the NP animation?


Should I use NP last?

Because NP does not receive positional bonuses, you typically want to use them first. Save the hard hitting last hit for a regular command card.

What does NP overcharge do?

Overcharge usually doesn't affect NP's direct damage, but instead improve the NP's secondary effects. See the Servant Pages for specifics. Overcharge a NP by (1) overfilling the NP gauge (2) chaining multiple NP in a row.

What's ____ for?

Stuff Use Best Place to Get More
Saint Quartz Summoning Gifts, quest rewards, cash shop
Friend Points Summoning Support servants
Servants Fight Summon
Craft Essence Servant Equipment Summon
___ of Wisdom Leveling Servants Ember Gathering Dailies
QP Common currency Treasure Hunt Dailies
Statues Servant Ascension Duels Dailies
Gems Servant Skill Up Monster Hunt Dailies
Random stuff (bones, jewels...) Ascension and Skill Up Monster Hunt Dailies, Events
Mana Prism Shop purchases Selling 3* XP cards to shop
Golden Apple Refill AP Gifts, login bonus
Tickets Redeem goodies Gifts
Saint Quartz Fragments Trade for Quartz Weekly Master Quests
Holy Grail Raise level cap Story chapter completion