First Anniversary Guaranteed Gacha Guide

Guaranteed Gacha Guide

The anniversary brings us a special guaranteed gacha once more. This gacha will 100% guarantee that the summoning roll contains at least one 5* Servant. Unlike normal gachas, the anniversary gacha can be rolled only once and only with paid Quartz. For 30 paid Quartz, a Master can roll on either the Knight Banner, which contains Jeanne + all non-limited Saber, Archer and Lancer 5* Servants, or the Cavalry Banner, which contains all the non-limited Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker Servants.

Paid Quartz is Quartz that can only be obtained from purchasing Quartz from the Da Vinci Store with real currency. When purchasing Quartz, make sure to pay special attention to how many Quartz you are receiving and how much of that is Bonus Quartz. Bonus Quartz does not count towards the paid Quartz amount, so don’t underestimate how much money you need to spend.

The two most basic ways to purchase enough paid quartz are via the following ways:

Cheapest way:
Purchase a 25 paid quartz pack + 4 paid quartz pack + 1 paid quartz pack

More bonus, but 2nd cheapest way:
Purchase a 42 paid quartz pack.

Which banner should I roll?

Gacha Possible SSR Servants

There are many different ways to go about choosing which banner to pick. Ultimately, this should reflect your own personal preferences rather than any set solution. Still, here are some ways to go about it:

  1. Choose the banner which contains a class that you lack a strong Servant for.
  2. Choose the banner which contains your favorite Servant and pray.
  3. Avoid duplicates and choose the banner with the lowest odds of getting an NP2. 
  4. Flip a coin. 
  5. Play a numbers game: add 1 point to each banner which contains a Servant that you want, detract 1 point for each Servant that you want to avoid. Choose the highest scoring one. Note that the Cavalry Banner contains 1 additional Servant. 
  6. If in doubt, picking Cavalry is a safe option as almost all Servants in this summoning pool are solid.

Good luck!