Halloween 2017 Rerun - Party Quests

Party Quests

  • Party Quests are one-time completion quests. They will appear regularly each day of the event, with one appearing at 12:00PST and another at 20:00PST.
  • Party Quests will remain available until the end of the event, and can be completed at any time.
  • All Party Quests only drop Mischievous Bat Mischievous Bats. Be sure to equip as many copies of Maid in Halloween or Halloween Arrangement to maximize drops!
    Equip: Maid in HalloweenHalloween Arrangement
  • You will be rewarded one Golden Fruit Golden Fruit for each Party Quest you complete, with a total of up to 30 [10/12 Update: It appears for this rerun we are only getting 15 Party quests, so there will only be 15 Golden Fruit rewards!] that can be received (you gain an additional 1 from the first Main Quest as well):
    • Heroic Party (x3)
    • Mysterious Party (x3)
    • Lunatic Party (x3)
    • Doppel Party (x3)
    • Royal Party (x3)