Heaven's Feel USA Premiere Interview

Heaven’s Feel opened to a rapacious and packed North American premiere at the gorgeous, gothic Theater at Ace Hotel.  With action and drama fitting of this Hollywood setting, Heaven's Feel is a movie worthy of the popular Fate/stay night anime franchise, and one that you want to catch on the big screen! 

Cast & Staff Interview after the jump.  Be sure to catch Heaven’s Feel when it screens near you from November 18th:


A short interview conducted after the movie with the special guests of the night:

Producer Yuma Takahashi: I’m very touched to see everyone so excited about the Heaven’s Feel movie. Thank you so much. 

VA Noriko Shitaya: "If I’m evil, Senpai would you scold me? " This my first time in the United States, and I’m so happy to meet the American fans.  I have one question: I’m wondering how many of you guys watching Heaven’s Feel for the first time have played the game before?

 Even though this route is very different from the other Fate/stay night route, please enjoy.  I'm very grateful to make your acquaintance tonight.

Director Tomonori Sudo: Hello everyone, it’s been two years since I was last here in Los Angeles for Anime Expo. Back then, I was one of the sub-directors for Unlimited Blade Works. It’s been two years and now I get to bring you Heaven’s Feel. Thank you very much for coming!

MC: As a director, how do you tackle such a spectacular project like Heaven’s Feel?

Director Tomonori Sudo: I always loved Fate/stay night. When the decision was made that ufotable would be animating Heaven’s Feel, I told them, “I nominate myself as the director!”

Since I’m a fan myself, I understand where the challenge is to come up with an animated film that’s worthy. For that, I had been working day and night, discussing how to do that as a trilogy movie at ufotable and then bring the results of the discussion in front of Mr. Nasu.

MC: As associate producer, what was your experience like working with the production team?

Producer Yuma Takahashi: I believe why Heaven’s Feel came out so great was the love that Mr. Sudou love has for Fate/stay night.  All the love and vision that Mr. Sudou has for Fate crystallize in the experiences ufotable had making other titles such as Garden of sinners, Fate/stay night UBW, and Fate/Zero. 

“All my job is just say this movie is great.” That’s all my job.

[t/n: The producer spoke the last line in English.]

MC: Heaven’s Feel is the Sakura Route.  Playing as the heroine this time, how is your performance different compared to Unlimited Blade Works?

VA Noriko Shitaya: As you know, Sakura still shows up in the Saber route and UBW, but her existence was only symbolic of how the daily life is. There was no depiction of Sakura’s past or her true self. 

After reading the Heaven’s Feel screenplay, I really get the internal aspect of Sakura in this one.  In order to play Sakura, I went and redid Sakura from scratch, approach Sakura from scratch.



MC: For this movie you were able to record with the Fate/ cast all over again. Did you have any fond memories from the recording?

VA Noriko Shitaya: I don’t know how it is in America, but in Japan, all the cast members record together in the studio. It’s been a while since the cast members were all together, so there’s one thing I was resolved to do in recording Heaven’s Feel. I was determined to sit next to Mr. Noriaki Sugiyama, the voice actor of Shiro.

I would get to the studio a little earlier than everyone else, to staked out my position and get a hunch where Mr. Sugiyama would be sitting. Once he sat down

MC: That’s the Sakura I know and love. What’ s the highlight of the movie for you?

Director Tomonori Sudo: When I went to Mr. Nasu to pitch Heaven Feel’s, the idea I brought to him was the pre title sequence of Shiro and Sakura spending their junior high years. I told them that I consider this to be the most important part of Heaven’s Feel. This was the basis of the whole movie. That’s my highlight.

VA Noriko Shitaya: My highlight was also the junior high years. But since Mr. Sudou mentioned it already, I really liked the Chinese Restaurant scene with Kirei Kotomine. Everything else was also wonderful, particularly the daily life scene. Everything about the movie is great.

Producer Yuma Takahashi: I hope that the second time around you’ll have a chance to appreciate the small details.


Those details are the kind you can catch on your second or third watch of the movie!

MC: Any personal messages you for have Fate/ fans in North America?

Producer Yuma Takahashi: Thanks for coming, I’m so happy!  I do believe that Fate/ and Heaven’s Feel are made of love.  Whenever I meet Noriko in Japan, all she just talks about is Heaven’s Feel. She’s so cute.

This is the kind of love that the staff and cast are giving to this movie. I hope this is a chance to reciprocate, we love you.

Someone from the Audience: I love you too, man!

VA Noriko Shitaya: We were watching the movie with you on the balcony and when you go to a movie screening in Japan, the audience is very quiet, but here in the US there are constant cheers and applause.  We had a lot of fun.

We still have chapter 2 and 3 of Heaven’s Feel coming out, and I’m sure that ufotable are shaving off their lives to bring this to us, and I promise that we voice actors will do our best.  I hope to see you guys here in the US again!

Director Tomonori Sudo: Thank you for coming. I had a really great time watching Heaven’s Feel with North American fans today. I also want to mention what a really remarkable theater this is!  Almost like we’re in the Servant’s world! Even the ceiling looks like the Grail falling upon us!

There’re still chapters 2 and 3 coming, and on behalf of the staff at ufotable, we promise to continue to deliver. Thank you really for today!