Daily Material Quests By Classes

The most notable part of the Daily Quest refresh is the split of classes into individual class days. Additionally, there is a 40 AP difficulty tier now, "expert". Although the enemies have slightly increased health, quests up to 30 AP should be roughly the same difficulty, if not easier due to the option to run a full team of a single class to counter the class of the day.

The 40 AP Expert level daily is a bit more difficult, because the guaranteed boss servant reaches upwards of 200k HP. However, fully leveled (level 70-90) teams with class advantage should have no problem.

Adding the Strongest Single Target NP Servant available for you against the boss servant class is highly recommended.

New Daily Schedule & Drop Rate Estimates

Training Grounds 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Sunday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Monday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Tuesday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Wednesday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Thursday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Friday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap
Saturday 10ap 20ap 30ap 40ap

Preliminary Drop Rates estimated from JP data and subject to change without notice. Help r/grandorder's data collecting effort!

No More Random Grinding!

In terms of item drops, the mono-class quests bring various advantages. Although “normal” materials and class specific materials are now combined in the same quest, the class-specificity makes grinding skill gems/monuments a lot more consistent. The materials will align with the enemy class types (i.e. lancer skeletons dropping bones), while rarer class-specific enemies like Demons will drop Hearts.

Drop Possibilities Explained

All levels have the possibility of dropping either pieces or monuments, and shining (blue) skill gems. Intermediate level adds the possibility of the shining (red) skill gems. Advanced (30 AP) and Expert (40 AP) levels have the possibility of dropping secret (yellow) skill gems, and “gold” rarity materials like Claws and hearts, with 40 AP having a better drop rate for rarer materials as expected.

For common materials like bones, feathers, void dust, and hero proofs, it is decently worth it to farm the dailies. For “gold” rarity materials like talons and hearts, it is more efficient to wait for events instead; not only do these events have the consistency of offering a rare material in the shop, but often come with farmable stages that offer much better rare material drop rates.

Senpai, Wait!

Don't forget to change up your ALL slot support servant daily to maximize FP gain, senpai!

It seems masters tend to choose the strongest ALL servant that counters the training ground of the day! I've included the class advantage chart here for your convenience.

Let's do our best!