Interlude Quests

Table of Contents
Appia Road
Nero Claudius Interlude 3: No Matter How Many Times The End Comes
Francis Drake Interlude: Treasure Island
Mysterious Heroine X Interlude: Saber Slayer: Dawn
Mysterious Heroine X Interlude 2: Saber Slayer: Fierce Fight
Nero Claudius Interlude 1: First Sailing, Once Again
Sasaki Kojirou Interlude: REGEND OF THE SAMURAI
Caligula Interlude: Dimming Moonlight and My Precious
Nero Claudius Interlude 2: A Golden Business
Leonidas Interlude: Leonidas Boot Camp
Marie Antoinette Interlude 1: Queen of Lily and Emperor of Rose
Romulus Interlude: Guardian of Septem is Here
Spartacus Interlude: Gladiator Circus
Mt. Etna
Musashibou Benkei Interlude: Destroyer Monk
Tamamo no Mae Interlude 1: Pen Pal Wars
Cursed Arm Hassan Interlude: Old Man of the Mountain
Elisabeth Bathory Interlude: The New Elisa!
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II) Interlude 1: Heroic Spirit Possession
Arjuna Interlude: The Real Worth of God's Bow
Saint Martha Interlude 2: The Desired Saint
Fionn mac Cumhaill Interlude: Fionn mac Cumhaill, the Hero who Killed Gods
Gaius Julius Caesar Interlude: Nostalgic Merrits
Altera Interlude 2: My Memory
Darius III Interlude 1: Lord of the Destructive Storm
Darius III Interlude 2: Two Great Rivals, End of the Wastelands
Tamamo no Mae Interlude 2: Nine-Tailed Fox
Lu Bu Fengxian Interlude: Tiger and Wolf
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Interlude: Symphony of the Heroic Spirits
Cu Chulainn Interlude: The Taboo
Boudica Interlude: Once Upon a Time in the Forest...
Cu Chulainn (Caster) Interlude: Sage of the Forest
Beowulf Interlude 1: Grendel's Second Coming
Sakata Kintoki Interlude: Mt. Ashigara, Kintoki's Bear Extermination
Scathach Interlude 1: Kill Me If You Can
Shaped Isle
Zhuge Liang (El-Melloi II) Interlude 3: Truth of Ascension
Stheno Interlude 1: It's Not Impossible?
Stheno Interlude 2: It's Really Not Impossible?
Euryale Interlude: From Me to my Sisters
Tamamo Cat Interlude 1: Overflowing Wilderness
Chaldea Gate
Arash Interlude: Lone Warrior, Man Braver than Lions
Georgios Interlude: St. George
Charles-Henri Sanson Interlude: Guillotine Boy
Fergus mac Roich Interlude: Pretty Illusion
Medea Interlude: Witch's Miniature Garden
Jeanne d'Arc Interlude 1: My God is With Me I
Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Interlude: Twin Spears of Roses
Charles Babbage Interlude: Steel mobile Report: C. Babbage
Altera Interlude 1: The Beast Inside of Me
Asterios Interlude: This Hand, For Your
Jeanne d'Arc Interlude 1: My God is With Me II
Ushiwakamaru Interlude: Love is Not Free
Hans Christian Andersen Interlude: Human Observation
Carmilla Interlude: Alone, Again
Hektor Interlude: Trojan Guardian
Altria Pendragon (Lancer Alter) Interlude: Unawaken Dream, Unending Battle
Altera Interlude 3: My Sword of the War God
Cu Chulainn (Prototype) Interlude: To the Nameless Battlefield
William Shakespeare Interlude: Curtain Call
Orion Interlude 3: Golden Weddings!
Marie Antoinette Interlude 2: The Fragile Lily
Jing Ke Interlude: The Wind is Strong and the River Cold
Scathach Interlude 2: Temptress in the Land of Shadows
Shinjuku Interlude
Li Shuwen Interlude: Liu He Da Qiang (Six Harmonies Great Spear)
Strengthening Quests
Part I Strengthening Quest: Eric Bloodaxe
Part I Strengthening Quest: Charles-Henri Sanson
Part I Strengthening Quest: Musashibou Benkei
Part I Strengthening Quest: Leonidas
Part I Strengthening Quest: Saint Martha
Part I Strengthening Quest: Boudica
Part I Strengthening Quest: Spartacus
Part II Strengthening Quest: Jing Ke
Part II Strengthening Quest: Alexander
Part II Strengthening Quest: Medusa
Part II Strengthening Quest: Lu Bu Fengxian
Part II Strengthening Quest: Mephistopheles
Part II Strengthening Quest: Gilles de Rais
Part II Strengthening Quest: Gilles de Rais (Caster)
Part III Strengthening Quest: Euryale
Part III Strengthening Quest: William Shakespeare
Part III Strengthening Quest: Ushiwakamaru
Part III Strengthening Quest: Arash
Part III Strengthening Quest: Asterios
Part III Strengthening Quest: Kiyohime
Part III Strengthening Quest: Medea
Part IV Strengthening Quest: Saint Martha 2
Part V Strengthening Quest: Siegfried
Part VII Strengthening Quest: Jing Ke 2
Part VII Strengthening Quest: William Shakespeare 2
Part VIII Strengthening Quest: Saint Martha 3
Thomas Edison Interlude: I Wonder If It's Possible
Shuten-Douji Interlude: Drunk, Losing sanity, Boiling with Rage
Altria Pendragon Interlude 2: Awakening of the Holy Sword