Quests in this Chapter Type
Leonardo da Vinci Interlude 1: The Place Where Even The Omnipotent Arm Cannot Reach Interlude
Leonardo da Vinci Interlude 2: A Gift from the Little Demon Interlude
Brynhild Interlude 1: But, I Want to be One with the Flames Interlude
Altria Pendragon Interlude 2: Awakening of the Holy Sword Interlude
Brynhild Interlude 2: Dear My Little Sister Interlude
Arash Interlude: Lonely Soldier, Brave As a Lion Interlude
Helena Blavatsky Interlude 1: The World That She Envisioned Interlude
Orion Interlude 3: Golden Anniversary! Interlude
Ibaraki-Douji Interlude 1: The Only Oni That Crosses Over The World Interlude
Charles Babbage Interlude: Iron Mobile Report C. Babbage Interlude
Astolfo Interlude 1: While Waiting for Roland Interlude
Thomas Edison Interlude: I Wonder If It's Possible Interlude
Cu Chulainn (Alter) Interlude 1: War for Just Two Interlude
Shuten-Douji Interlude: Drunk, Losing sanity, Boiling with Rage Interlude
Billy the Kid Interlude 1: The Seven Servants of The Wilderness Interlude
Minamoto-no-Raikou: The Different Story of Ushi-Gozen's Home Interlude
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Interlude 1: Things that must be correct Interlude
Altria Pendragon (Lancer): The Holy Spear of the King of Knights Interlude
Sakata Kintoki Interlude 2: Ōe Mountain, Kintoki's Oni Extermination Interlude
Nitocris Interlude: Pharaoh Nitocris Interlude
Arjuna Interlude 2: Only by Continuing to Ask Questions Interlude
Amakusa Shirou Interlude 1: Let's Talk About The World's Salvation Interlude
Iskandar Interlude 1: The Conqueror of Human Life Interlude
Iskandar Interlude 2: The Campaign Shall Never End Interlude
Edmond Dantes Interlude 1: The Hail of Nightmares Interlude