What is a Mystic Code?

In Fate/Nasuverse lore, Mystic Codes are supportive artifacts magi build and use for various purposes.

Mystic Codes in Fate/Grand Order allow Masters to directly support their servants in battle through a variety of game-changing effects.

How do I use them?

To use Mystic Code skills, click on the “Master skill” button on the upper right side during battle, and select a skill on the pop up menu.

After unlocking more Mystic Codes, you can change your active Mystic Code by going to the Formation menu, then to the Party Setup screen, and clicking the small “Master Equip” icon on the bottom left. This takes you to the Mystic Code setup screen, where you can swipe left or right to choose a Mystic Code to equip.

Mystic Codes selected in this fashion are saved for each party composition, allowing you to more conveniently fit them to the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

RankingMystic CodeUnlock QuestTotal XP
Mystic Code Chaldea
Mystic Code: Chaldea
Available by default
Memories of the Lunar Sea
Mystic Code Quest: Memories of Lunar Sea
Promotional: no longer available
Mage's Association Uniform
Mystic Code Quest: Mage's Association Uniform 70,605,000
Atlas Academy Uniform
Mystic Code Quest: Atlas Academy Uniform 70,605,000
Chaldea Combat Uniform
Mystic Code Quest: Chaldea Combat Uniform 70,605,000
Anniversary Blonde
Mystic Code Quest: Anniversary Blonde
Promotional: no longer available
Royal Brand
Mystic Code Quest: Royal Brand
Promotional: no longer available
Brilliant Summer
Mystic Code Quest: Brilliant Summer 8,950,000

Why would I want to change Mystic Codes?

Mystic Codes allow players to further customize their play styles and strategies.  Different models offer effects that the default simply can't provide - for example, the Atlas Academy Uniform's signature cooldown reduction and other skill can make a skill-based arts team more consistent, while the Mage's Association Uniform's signature ability to re-shuffle the card selection can turn a mediocre turn into an excellent one, especially for critical-focused teams.

With all the possibilities Mystic Codes bring, it’s definitely worth trying out the different combinations and strategies to find one to your liking!