With the latest game update, the global version of F/GO has received some very nice quality of life updates. Some of these changes are actually incredibly convenient, but may be a bit vague in the official news post or may not be noticeable at first glance once in-game. On this page, we'll list what these changes will mean in practice and how they will cut down on some of the tedium in the menus. 

Lottery Update

Continuous Lottery Rolling

It is here! At last! Since the update, the lottery screen during events can be run immensely faster and feels more responsive. When the results of a lottery roll are shown in the lottery screen, it is now possible to roll again in the same result screen. Essentially this removes a large chunk of the loading while spending lottery currency. 

Considering some player intend to reset the lottery more than 100 times, this is an incredible quality of life change for the next event! Why they did not mention this in the news is a mystery. 

Weekly Missions Reminder

The weekly mission icon will now show a countdown with the time remaining and the amount of quests cleared if:

  • The Missions have not all been cleared.
  • There are less than 3 days remaining.
  • There are additional weekly quests from special campaigns.

It's highly useful for preventing the:"Oh crap, I forgot about the weekly missions" thoughts on Sunday, after which an incomplete set of Saint Quartz fragments will always remind you of your failure. For shame. 

Saint Quartz fragment now also show up next to the Saint Quartz themselves in the Master Mission screen. 

Friend Support in Leader Slot

Friend Support 1st slot

This one was a bit hidden in the maintenance patch notes.

Until now, friend supports could never be in the first Servant slot. Well, that has changed and it doesn't matter which slot the friend support is in. 

A very minor change, but one that is often confusing for new Masters (and frankly, unnecessary). 

Friend Message

Friend Message explanation

Very straightforward: Masters can now display a very short text message underneath their name in the friend support screen. Of course the screenshot given by the developers is incredibly mild. In practice though, it will bless us all with new ways to experience and share the secret wonders of the game!

Real Friend Message
Hah, and you thought it wouldn't be filled with salt?

Expect to see a lot of venting about farming and/or summoning luck. Hurray!

Skip Enemy Fadeout

Turn off death animations

This is a nice feature when doing some repeated farming sessions. Essentially this removes all the death animations that previously had to be tapped through. Depending on what quest is being farmed, this may actually save a real chunk of time (looking at you Fuyuki Bone Farming Hell). 

Sorting & Icon Size

Servant Selection Icon increase

As the Servant roster increases, so too does the amount of time spent scrolling down the menus when burning or searching for a specific Servant. Now the global version can also increase the amount of Servant that are shown on each row. It's possible to go from 5 to 6 to 7 per row. Highly useful when feeding experience or burning stuff. 

To further cut down on sorting Servants:


favoriting 2

It's now possible to "Select Sort" Servants. Essentially, it favorites certain Servants or Craft Essences, which, with the Select Sort option enabled, will show up at the top of the screen when selecting Servants. It's very useful as Servant rosters grow ever larger, especially as some much-used Servants may require some excessive scrolling to select. It works much the same with Craft Essences. 

Consider sorting out some of the best Craft Essences so that they can be easily found rather than having to scroll and dig around in the Craft Essence stash. 

Summoning & Inventory

Summoning screen

One of the smaller listed changes is: 

  • Saint Quartz Summon will be possible even when Servant or Craft Essence inventory is full.

It is now possible to keep rolling in the gacha even after the maximum inventory space has been exceeded The excess inventory still needs to be cleared up before any quests can be entered though. The cap for summoning stands at a 100 extra above the normal allotted inventory space. 

In-game Update: Unfortunately, the friend point summoning has not been updated. Only summoning using Saint Quartz or Summon Tickets are affected.

Experience List

Experience List

A surprisingly useful feature, the different experience cards will now be listed on the right hand side when enhancing Servants or burning experience cards both for the archived and main inventory experience.

It's mainly useful when farming experience through daily quests, to see whether a stack of 20 experience of the right kind is available (to optimize QP spent on leveling) or to see what is clogging up the inventory. 

Unfortunately, it does not feature any of the Fou cards in the count. 

Item Box Display

Present box example

A very simple change, but it's highly convenient: the present box items are now somewhat smaller and thus more of them can be selected without having to scroll. Let's be honest, extracting items manually from the present box was (but still remains) a fairly painful experience. 

Still, the present box is highly useful as an extra 2nd archive. Try to keep high stacks of experience in there to level new Servants right away. 

Burning Ascended Servants or Limit-broken CE

Burning Ascended Items

There's not much to say about this - if, for example, a CE has been limit-broken in the past, it will now return a correspondingly larger amount of QP and Mana Prisms. The ratio is exactly the same, which is useful when burning a useless CE that did get Limit-Broken. 

Burning ascended Servants is best avoided of course, the resources lost to ascending them does not make up for increase in Mana Prisms received. 

Final Thoughts

Of course, this is not a full list and there are a number of (mainly visual) changes that are also coming, such as:

  • Being able to zoom in on Artwork
  • Visual display of debuff resists and Sure Hit / Invulnerability Pierce
  • Seeing the skill cooldown displayed after skill upgrades
  • They fixed the singularity notifications showing up on the main screen even if the requirements haven't been met. Nice.

to other useful features such as:

  • Auto Text Display
  • Bond Level Voice Playback

In any case, the full list is either in the main announcement or in the maintenance notes here