Plain Speak Dictionary

As part of the larger Fate/Stay Night universe, Fate/Grand Order throws a lot of random terminology that can be a bit overwhelming. This page provides plain speak translations of all these word salads.
In Game

Master: You

Senpai: Also you

Servant: Units that you summon fro battle, usually based spirits from myth and legends.

Noble Phantasm (NP): Special moves Servants can use when their NP gauge are fully charged.

Spirit Origin: Cards

Craft Essence (CE): Servant equipment

Mystic Code: Master equipment

Chaldea Gate: Mission hub

Singularity: Story chapter

Holy Grail: Story MacGuffin, very limited resource for raising Servant level cap.

Spirit Origin: Pokedex

Saint Quartz: For summoning 3* to 5* cards

Friend Points: For summoning 1* to 3* cards

Mana Prism: Shop currency

Burning: Selling cards for mana prism.

QP: Common currency

Ascension: Upgrades Servant; increase max level and unlocks new skills/portraits/dialogues.

Palingenesis: Upgrade Servant with Holy Grail; Also increase max level.

Ember/Fire/Blaze of Wisdom: Experience cards for Servant upgrades.


Waifu / husbando: Favorite Servant

Gems: Saint Quartz

Apologems: Free Quartz for when the servers are down.

Gacha: Summoning screen

Rolling: Summoning

10x roll: A 30 Quartz roll that gives slightly better odds.

YOLO roll: a single Quartz roll

memeroll: a single Quartz roll

Banner: Limited time special summoning opportunity with increased rate for featured Servants and CE.

Rate up: Do not trust their lies.

Salt: Complaints

F2P: Free to play players

Whale: Players that pay for the server upkeep.

Reroll: Resetting the game by deleting game data (or reinstalling the game) for a chance at better Servants with the initial summons.

Leyline: Dragon Meridian CE


See this topic by /u/FileLoop for nickname origins.

Artoria: Altria Pendragon

Cat: Tamamo Cat

Cockroach: Cu Chulainn

Dog: Cu Chulainn

Eggplant: Mash Kyrieknight

Gudako: Female Protagonist

Gudao: Male Protagonist

Iskandar: Alexander the Great

JAlter: Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Jannu: Jeanne D'Arc

KIRA KIRA: Marie Antoinette

Kiyokiyo: Kiyohime

Moedred: Mordred

REGEND: Sasaki Kojiro

ROMA: Romulus

Saber: Altria Pendragon

SAlter: Altria Pendragon (Alter)


Sumanai: Siegfried

Umu: Nero Claudius

Waver: Zhuge Liang

* Description
A Arts Card
AOE Area-of-effect damage
AP Action Points; stamina
B Buster Card
CE Craft Essence; equipment
CAH Cursed Arm Hassan
CN Chinese/Taiwanese server
DW Delightful Work; game developer
EX Extra Card
F2P Free to play players
FP Friends Points; For summoning.
JP Japanese server
MLB Max Limit Break; combining 5 CEs for effects upgrade
MP Mana Prism; shop currency
MXH Mysterious Heroine X
NA North America server
NP Noble Phantasm; special move
NP# Noble Phantasm levels by combining duplicate Servant cards
P2W Paid-to-Waifu players
Q Quick Card
QP Quantum Piece; general currency
SQ Saint Quartz; paid summoning currency.
ST Single Target damage
TM Type Moon; franchise creator