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Latest Questions


Have acquired some random 3/4 star CEs with potential, would like to know which ones I can safely burn.

Asked by Starareo
5 minutes 6 seconds ago

Will the Karano Kyoukai event get a rerun anytime soon? Really need a decent ST Assassin.

1 hour 49 minutes ago

I was farming the christmas event and got a special exchange ticket but do I only need 1 ticket to exchange it for altria pendragon(santa alter)?

Asked by Raios_14
2 hours 49 minutes ago

So, I wanted to buy next week during the cyber Monday week and black Friday a new smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Both are the European version, due to the fact,…

Asked by Horror_LP
3 hours 7 minutes ago

Hi there!
While I was playing with summon simulator I got bunch of copies of Fionn, Astolfo, Beowulf and Marie Antoinette. And I tought "God... they're so useless and I don't want more…

Asked by Ivory Black
3 hours ago

I dont know for whou should i roll, i really like both of them, and im not in need of either of them, my lancers are, Tamamo lancer, Li Shuwen, Kiyohime lancer, and Cu, meanwhile my archers are:…

Asked by Tidafire
5 hours 1 minute ago

hi, i've been playing fgo for 3 months and also finished camelot. should i rolling in thanksgiving banner or should i wait for merlin's banner? i'm considering to roll the thanksgiving banner cuz…

Asked by LviathanX
9 hours 27 minutes ago

I may get a new phone soon and i was hoping to get a sony xperia so i was just wondering if fgo would run on it or not.

Asked by PequodLZ
10 hours 10 minutes ago

As you have already known that this year we will get another thanksgiving event. And I hope that we won't be screwed over just like last year when we didn't get the free sq and GSSR on new years…

13 hours 26 minutes ago

I'm so tempted to roll for Jack the Ripper with this current banner up. The problem is I have no quartz (because I'm a weak, weak soul who single rolls a lot lol), so I'd have to purchase quartz.…

Asked by vadie
16 hours ago

Seeing how their banners are really close to each other, I'm afraid that I only have enough SQ to summon 1 after Merlin. I like them both and they are apparently really good servants so I'm torn…

Asked by Ekenwars
16 hours 10 minutes ago

I want to farm ribbons but have only opened 4 boxes, so I need those stockings too. Anyone with a free slot?

IGN: Kaiser

Asked by thekaiser
16 hours 23 minutes ago

Does anyone know if any of the upcoming Rate-Up Servants will be added to Story Summon.
I mean Enkidu, Ishtar, Ereshkigal,.....

I get that Gramps and Merlin are limited only.

Asked by Fall-Moon
17 hours 14 minutes ago

I started playing F/GO around early to mid September, and recently heard there was an event where you could get a free SR servant. Has the event already passed and if it has, will there be future…

17 hours 55 minutes ago

If a few haven't seen the link on Fate GO NA Facebook or the main website then please go look, but the banner for Thanksgiving is around the corner and I would like some opinions on if its worth…

Asked by Zer01
18 hours 34 minutes ago