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Hey guys back again with another question..does anyone have tips for me while Im saving🤣🤣🤣cuz i always get tempted in rolling in the gacha even if im saving for okita and gramps😂

Asked by Bakyura
4 minutes 52 seconds ago

If the remaining days go to 0 on the chaldea lunchtime CE will i be SOL or is there another chance another time or will it just reset the timer? Thanks in advance for your answers im just a noob…

Asked by Daeronx
41 minutes 38 seconds ago

i don't have martha for the debuff cleanse but i do have nightingale.
do you think she is a good replacement cause her np can remove debuff

Asked by Nathan d'Arc
1 hour 11 minutes ago

Do you guys know how long it took for the fgo support to reply ur email to recover my account back ??
Its been 6 days since i email them ...

Asked by lala22
2 hours 6 minutes ago

Okay, so I FINISHED BABYLON IN 4 DAYS YAYAAYAYAYAY. Ok, needed that out. Sorry.
Just in case anybody wants the team I used to clear Tiamat's final battle:
Mash(10/10/10, lvl 70)

4 hours 31 minutes ago

1. Roll for Merlin or defeat Barbatos first? What do you guys wanna do?
2. The only raids is just with the pillars right? So Goetia is not a raid? I mean, we can defeat him without rush?

Asked by lapucelle223
4 hours 48 minutes ago

Which is coming first? The Salomon release or the Merlin gocha?

Asked by Damocles99
5 hours 46 minutes ago

I am in a serious need for gears and skill materials in general, so I would like to ask: what pillar drops what material?

Asked by BA1512
8 hours 43 minutes ago

So since very helpful have helped me on my previous question heres another one. As the title implies should i use my apples to farm both mats and bp as much as i can? I have 51 golden apples atm,…

Asked by Responsible
8 hours 50 minutes ago

What does barbatos do? Why do people keep telling each other to use illya or monk?

Asked by BA1512
8 hours 57 minutes ago

Hello I'm newer FGO player (I started right after onigashima) and I'm looking for some friends that can help me with Barbatos. My only so significant DPS's are Chloe & Herc, so If you have a…

Asked by TrollAJ
9 hours 43 minutes ago

When using a support on a raid battle will they get bonus damage from their bond level too? If so is there any way to see a support servants bond level?

Asked by Jose246
9 hours 46 minutes ago

so i was thinking, there is a way to do again boss battle you have alredy done?
i cant find any way in the story section.
is this something they will eventually implement?
or i…

Asked by Exa
11 hours ago

As the title says, is there a way to play both versions on the same device without using emulators or apk?

Asked by MightyJ
12 hours 10 minutes ago

So does beast class have any class advantage or disadvantage?

Asked by want_jalter
13 hours 5 minutes ago