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Latest Questions


Hi! I learnt from you that every quest should be beaten with the proper team, but right now I can't build that much. I was wondering if an arts team + salter would work.
I was thinking about…

Asked by Nacho.IT
17 minutes 26 seconds ago

What are good CEs for a supportive MHXA excluding her bond ce? Also, aside from MHX who is she a good support for? I really like Star Wars and she is so fun to use and since she currently is that…

Asked by superrik100
43 minutes 11 seconds ago

Hi, so I've tried a few team comps with Mashu, Robin, and a support Merlin, but I haven't gotten close. The farthest I've gotten is just past the first breakbar before my entire team is wiped out…

Asked by Fox_Pendragon
59 minutes 56 seconds ago

Has anyone ever tried double tamamo + altria archer?, How was it?

Asked by IhsanFarhan
1 hour 17 minutes ago

I know the site is 99,9999% focused on NA content, so, is any of you aware of somewhere I can find a guide similar to what we have in this site?
This is the first time I'm going fully blind…

Asked by Luispipe8
1 hour 42 minutes ago

Right now, I'm very confused as to when the event is going to be released. The memorial quests weren't supposed to be released now, yet it is. The HP break bar were supposed to be featured in…

Asked by Nostacholy
2 hours ago

Finally completed it in 255 turns...

Asked by CVIJ
2 hours 41 minutes ago

1.I was lucky enough to get a tristan from rolling the story banner a month or two ago, should i also level up david? i have a merlin so will the 3rd party dodge ever be needed?(other than this…

Asked by Rahuldugu
4 hours ago

I rolled 150sq hoping to get Bedi, Tristan or Nitocris. But all i got was another copy of Emiya(Archer).

6 hours 35 minutes ago

On chevalier to maximize his 3rd skills heal
After a painful 60 qrtz and 20 tickets i landed halloween party but i am also aware of gudaguda poster girls 3 turn taunt (whose rerun will…

Asked by PequodLZ
7 hours 3 minutes ago

This acct was initially created just for fun and for playing during NA off events. However, gacha god has blessed it tremendously especially everytime when I felt like giving up on the acct…

Asked by gemswiz
9 hours 44 minutes ago

The picture shows my strongest servants, but I also have a fully leveled RH and Euryale

Asked by xdlolxd
15 hours 23 minutes ago

Was wondering when the Jalter costume is supposed to come out?

Asked by TaigaTamer
17 hours 57 minutes ago

I understand that using 3 cs will revive party members and full np. I was wondering does it also reset character skills.

Asked by exiarx78
18 hours ago

Anyone can lend me a Max bond herc for goetia? I'm having trouble clearing it and don't have command spells rn lol. Thanks in advance.

Asked by killawhales
18 hours 48 minutes ago