This is kinda me just being estatic over CEs

60 SQ isn’t much and I shouldn’t have expected anything good, but goddamn was I lucky! I managed to pull a K Scope, Volumenum Hydro and Herc (would have completely lost my shit if I got Lancelot) I don’t know if I should continue rolling

Too be perfectly honest, I don’t really want Edmond too badly, he is in my top 6 most wanted servants (a list that is made up of quick servants for some reason) but I don’t need him (especially since Lancelot is on that list) Okita and MHX Alter are there too. So the question being, do I pull out or just risk it and blow my load?

servants wanted in the future: Skadi (WANTED) , Lancelot Berserker (WANTED) MHX Alter and okita

Asked by ElSabre8 months 3 weeks ago


Nice good for you man, i hear you ive found myself drawn to quick servants over time too, i rolled too but have only gotten 3 stat ce's and servants so far, now im just hoping a miracle happens and i get dantes with one of the event earned tickets or the feb mana prism shop ones lol