Ofc since I’ve just recently come back to the game on a new account, I don’t have a single 5 star and 4 star apart from EMIYA Alter and Sumanai, but regardless...Ibe seen multiple people say that double Tamo EMIYA Alter with the Atlas Institute suit is the best general comp you can get with him however, would a Double Cas Gil or cas Gil with Tamo (with Frag 2030) be better? Because EMIYA can start spamming his NP with Crits on arts (especially when those arts are buffed to hell)

On that note, if someone with a Tamo Maxed with 2030 can add me, I’d be grateful; I’ll either save for Tamo or use my ticket on cas Gil (which is more likely)

Asked by ElSabre5 months 2 weeks ago


It depends on what you want for EMIYA Alter; Arts spam will definitely enable him to do massive damage if all three of his skills were at 10/10/10. His second skill enables him to do 30% more Arts damage at level 10, and his third skill enables him to do 40% more atk when at level 10. Technically, if you really want to continuously use the buffs, then I suppose continuous decrease in cooldown is needed, which is what Tamamo-no-Mae can provide, as well as the Atlas Institute Uniform, but if your goal is for him to do even more damage than he already can, you might want to go for the original Master uniform for that massive atk buff. In terms of health, he really is very tanky, so tbh if anything, double Tamamo will make him... even tankier I suppose.

As for whether I have a Tamamo-no-Mae with 2030, I don't have her unfortunately :c