Exact effect of Devilish Bodhisattva

So this CE increases the level of a NP by 2.

Does this mean the NP will fire off as if it's 300% charged, damage and all?
Or does it just affect the overcharge effect, like the chain does?

Still trying to figure out the exact workings of a NP, but this is the biggest thing I'm unsure about atm

Asked by Sir of Coffee2 months 2 weeks ago


by f2pazn 2 months 2 weeks ago

The CE only boosts the overcharge effect to 300% not the damage, as that's based on NP level.
I'll use Arash as an example, I have him at NP5 and I have 100% overcharge basically Arash will do NP5 amount of damage but with only a level 1 overcharge effect.

Hopefully this will clear things up for you, if you have questions just reply to this comment.


I think it does.

So to give an example:
Saber Altria does 300% damage and charges her NP with 20% as overcharge effect.
But if I equip this CE
Her attack will still do 300% damage, but her NP will charge at level 3 instead. Which is 35%.

Assuming this stacks, you can use the CE with a chain to change a 100% charged NP with the damage of level 1 but the OC effect of a level 5 if it's the 3rd in the chain.

That is how I assume this all works. Is that correct?

So it's best for a servant that really likes the effect of the overcharge.


If depend on each servant NP effects.

Some example, if you use Demonic Bodisativa on Archer Gilgamesh It will increase his NP damage to servant even further.
Or use it to Rider Kintoki to increase his Quick card performance while use his NP + after NP significantly for a turn.

By the way, you've answered your own question and sry l'm laughing here 🤣 no offense.