How do I build a good arts team with my current servants?

I plan to build an arts team, preferably one that has good offensive capabilities and some defense. However, I do not know which servants to put and CEs.Right now, I have the following servants:

Robin (NP3)
Tamamo no Mae (NP1)
Shiki Assassin (NP5)
Medea (NP5)
Chevalier (NP1)
George (NP5)
Mozart (NP5)
Andersen (NP3)
Martha (NP1)
Irisviel (NP5)

How should I structure my arts team? I am thinking of using Shiki and Robin as main damage dealers. Please give me your thoughts on how to build a good arts team. Thank you.

Asked by Zanitar9 months 1 week ago


Since you have Tamamo you have the best support for an arts team

you could use Tamamo + Mash/Mozart + Robin / Shiki / Medea

Robin for sabers, medea for assassins and Shiki can kill the other classes (exept casters).

Wever or Nero Bride as a support can complement you line up, I have Tamamo + Bride + Shiki and they works very well even without Wever.


Shiki+Tamamo as your frontline, with Mash/Andersen in the rear. Shiki can be swapped out for Robin or Medea based on what classes you expect to see, but she will be doing the highest, most consistent damage out of them against non-advantage classes.

Aim for a Helena or Waver friend support. If you can get another Tamamo, she can be swapped out for Andersen or Mash for early defense.

You can also aim for a Li Shuwen friend support for more ST damage. Shuten Douji can be used as friend support if you need AoE or more control. If you do this, I suggest frontlining Andersen for his damage and critical up. Both Shiki and Li benefit from critical stats, so Andersen's the best support you can have (unless you count that guaranteed crit round from Mozart).

Shiki's NP is powered by Arts-enhancing CE, but don't forget to consider her regular cards. That girl can drop some serious stars for a welfare servant, then hand them over to Li or use them herself for some abuse.


by Buki 9 months 1 week ago

Also you can look for Vlad III, who is a good damage dealer in arts team.


Tbh, since you have Tamamo, you can easily make a good arts team with whatever unit as long as you stick to the 2 support (which one of them is obv Tamamo) and 1 damager comp.

For example:
1. Tamamo, Mozart, Robin/Shiki/Medea
This is a good team with good survivability via Tamamo's heal, amazing damage due to Tamamo's and Mozart's arts buff, and a sure one turn crit from Mozart's 3rd skill (which will come soon from strengthening quest). The only thing you need to think about is that you would only do most damage via the damager's NP.

2. Tamamo, Hans/Waver, Robin/Shiki/Medea
Same with above but with better survivability due to either Hans's heal and defense up from NP or Waver's defense buff skill. With Hans, you can produce a more stable crit stars (even better if you have fragment 2030 ce) but lower damage. With Waver instead of Hans, you won't get any crit star via skill like Hans but you would get more damage because of Waver's attack buff skill and damage down from his NP.

3. Chevalier, Tamamo, Vlad
Another very good comp. Vlad would get protected most of the time due to Chevalier taunting the enemy. When Chevalier's taunt is down, Vlad can survive due to both his defense up skill and guts. Tamamo will make fix Vlad NP gain problem and help in reducing Chevalier's taunt downtime. The damage output would be good and stable against any kind of enemy due to Vlad being a berserker. You can change Vlad with other arts damager but Vlad is the best option because he'll be the only one getting the most out of Chevalier's taunt (since other class is more tanky if you compare it with a berserker).

Just like I said before, you can easily make a good arts team with Tamamo. Just do a Tamamo, support, damager comp and you'll do just fine. For the backline, it's up to you. You can bring more support or bring a backup damager in case something unexpected happened and kill you damager.