I was wondering what kind of team i could build around Musashi with the servants I have? Currently halfway through babylonia :)

Any form of tip and guides would be highly appreciated!


Not in picture:
Nursery Rhyme
Scathach Assassin
Emiya Assassin
Martha Ruler

Asked by kitelikenerves5 months 3 weeks ago


musashi+nightingale+friend support merlin would work great i think.
I personally don't have night but she seems to be a great buster support.
You can replace night with saber alter(or altera) if you are facing many lancers(and you will face some lancer waves in babylonia)


I'd say put Musashi and Nightingale on the front along with support Merlin or Waver. Between Nightingale and that support, it should turn Musashi into a buster god.


My personal favorite combo is Musashi (design enf) Jack(hns, gandr) Merlin(any ce). I so inlove in this OMEGAcrits and full np bar for just 1st Musashi skill. U can easily borrow Merlin and try it by yourself.


From my experience making teams when dealing with various situations, here we go :

- Consistent Buster Crit, Musashi ( any Atk Up/Crit Up/Buster Up CEs ) + Hans ( survivability/Crit Star Gen CEs/NP gain CEs )/Jack ( Crit Star Drop CEs/Quick CEs ) + Merlin ( 2030/Prisma Cosmos/any crit utility CEs ). Back row, Mashu/Leonidas ( team protector, tanking NP ) For the 2nd DPS Saber Elizabeth can act as a solid back up Saber, another buffer/support ( Helena/Nightingale/any available supp ) or Last Man Standing. I prefer consistent Buster team more ( you've more survivability, good health regen/heal/Crit will highly procc ), if you're into OTK ( One turn Kill ) or really love Fast Kill go for OTK Buster Crit set up. Really recommended this one.

- OTK Buster Crit, Musashi + Nightingale + Merlin + Caesar. For instant Crit use Mozart ( Crit on demand but reduce your DPS potential ), if you can supply enough Crit star within 1-3 turn Caesar is the better option.
This is the best team yet in terms of 1-3 turns burst damage, because you can't ignore that different buff stacks multiplicatively and lots of different buff can make your Musashi destroy almost everything. Use Chaldea Combat Suit for more flexibility and power and lots of amazing team tactics.
Buff potential, ( Atk Up + Atk Up + Atk Up )*( Buster Up + Buster Up + Buster Up )* ( NP Up * NP Up ) * Musashi first skill ( Overall damage increased ). If you want to stall for more buff stacking, you can change it as you wish. Glass Cannon style, best used for fast farm any Raid Bosses.

- Sustained Buster team, Musashi + Merlin + Leonidas + Mashu/2nd DPS/another buffer + Nightingale + Last Man Standing/Another Buffer.
You're not going into full Buster Burst mode with using this one, divide your buff and focus only to cover your DPS and deal damage to your enemies safely.
Winning chance if you're using this team is pretty high, you can take your enemy NP head on ( Mashu + Nightingale ) and you can repair the damage with Merlin NPs and Nightingale healing ability and don't forget adding tank and taunter can increase your team survivability.

3 type of the different Buster team style is suitable for various situations, each has it's own strengths and weakness so think about your enemy, stage mechanics or gimmicks first before making a team so you can use your team wisely. All of the mentioned team comps is also not a dead set, so you can adapt and change the team members as you like.


by Fabris 5 months 3 weeks ago

Raise a Leonidas, post-ST quest he gives 3 turns buster buff AOE, cooldown of 5 and up to 25 percent. Also, meat shield for ST NP.

Raise Hans for crits and stars. Alongside Leonidas, is like budget Merlin.

Raise Shakespeare for nuking via NP, and more stargen bonuses.

Of your units, bestnurse is the best.


by LFVBF 5 months 3 weeks ago

Musashi + Nightingale + Helena.
Musashi is your main DPS, Nightingale is a support/secondary DPS that boosts Musashi's buster card for 3 turns and has a powerful heal.
Helena has 3 arts cards, can charge your party's NP bar and buff both Buster and Arts for the whole team. Her NP also lowers all enemies' defense and she can even generate some stars with her high hit counts and Mahatma.
You could replace Helena with Andersen for more star gen, crit damage and frequent buffs but he has no damage utility ublike Helena.
I don't like dick wizard, i prefer to only use supports when i really am desperate or farming.