Need ideas for a new team

Hi , im trying to build a new team other than the obvious buster team.
The servants i have are :
5 stars : Cu alter and xuanzang
4 star : penthesilia , anne bonny and mary read , emiya ( archer ) , queen of sheba , wu zetiang , mecha eli Mk -1 , medusa (lancer) , tamacat , valkyrie , kato , assasin paraiso and chavailler
I will also add that i have a np4 hans , np3 georgios and hoizon

I also have the option of getting a 4 star servant from the 15M download campaign so feel free to add a servant from there.

Asked by seawolf1592 months 2 weeks ago


You can choose Cu Alter as for a versatile option for no matter what team you want.

It seem that although you already have a bunch of good SR and Xuanzang, you are still lacking of top-tier supports. You are trying to build a new team rather than buster, but honestly you are lacking of either Art DPS for Art team, or Quick/Art support (Skadi, Waver Tamamo, Caster Gil, etc).
But for a Quick team, you can borrow a Skadi and pair with Hans to support either your Quick DPS like valkyrie, or just put Quick-oriented Assassins facing riders.


I see , thanks for the suggestion. About the top tier support , i coincidently got Gil Caster from the story gacha ( lucky ) and a Lancelot (saber) from the free SR campaign , any suggestions how i should line them up?