Rashamon 6 mil hp

What should be my team composition? Already get 2 200 damage and 1 team wide damage event CE and 1 2030 CE
Should i wait get 2-3 team wide CE and MLB 200 damage to try 6 mil?
Have 1 waver friend with team wide event CE

Asked by Helios8 months 1 week ago


Scathach should be your main ST damage dealer. You can have Hans and Mash for survivability support and a friend Waver for basically everything that a support does.

Remember that the 6 Mil's arms also deal quite a bit of damage, so I would advice against trying to kill Ibaraki, instead trying to outlive the 15 turn limit.


Ah haha...good luck with that. 6m is currently unbeatable(unless your a whale and have MLB event CE's already). It becomes more manageable with Tales of Shana-Oh CE, but it still is rather hard to do without gimmicks like arts stall or buster crits.

Your best chance is taking shishou + hans + support waver, building crit stars and blowing ibaraki down with an NP brave chain. None of your heroes have particularly good stalling ro survival kits, so you HAVE to deplete her 6m HP fast or risk losing 3 precious BP.

Basicaly just do the 2Bp ones

TIP: Dont use out-of-event CE's like 2030. They have good effects, but they dont boost your dmg like the events do