I got Taiga (NP5) from the Quetz banner, I just made a NP damage test between TamaLancer (support) and Taiga againts an archer esqueleton (fuyuki), Tamy make around 85k of damage (skill 1 to lvl 10) but Taiga (1/1/1) made around 113k of damage.
Then I found this: https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Ein_Inferno/NP_Damage_Comparisons#Lancer

According with the link She with NP5 could make more damage that most of the lancers (NP1) but of course that's only about the NP damage.

I want to know how she is compared to other ST Lancers?
Is worth to invest my materials on her skills or is better wait for another high rarity servant like TamaLancer, Kiyo (summer re-run) or Scathach (new year 2020).
Raiko is not considered because I don't like her design.

Note: For Aoe I have a max level Karna (NP2) and a max level Jeanne (NP5). I also have a max level Cu FSN but he is not a DPS servant. Medusa lvl 1

Asked by toonmilo7 months 1 week ago


by Leyl 7 months 1 week ago

Jaguarman is a really good servant for a 3 star. The main issue is low attack value and low HP. Keeping this in mind there are servants that fit a more niche roll that will out perform her. For example when fighting a divine enemy a servant like Scathach will do significantly more damage. Honestly if you don't have a ST Lancer and you don't plan on using your galstones anytime soon I see no reason not to level her as 3 stars are cheap to level, but in general a servant like Scathach or Brynhildr will be much better in the long term.


Even just not divine, Scathach would outperform her.

If you don't have a ST Lancer, just run her.

You'll always get more mats.

Gimping yourself right now and hold onto mats and wait for future servant is usually not a good idea.