Summoning Pool for Simulated Gacha Update?

Hello everyone,

I don't know if I am just imagining this, but I am pretty sure that the simulated gacha on this site hasn't actually been updated to reflect the proper pool of servants and CEs available when summoning for specific banners. An example I can think of is that Karna or Arjuna should be in the summoning pool for any banner, but they never appear, and there are quite a few newer CEs that should also appear in general rolls but do not outside of the banner they appeared in.

So I guess this is more a question for Gamepress than for the community, but I suggest you guys update the summoning pool to better reflect the current availability in NA, just for the sake of trying to be as genuine as possible with the simulation.

I also think this encompasses changing the rate-up proportions now that NA has actually published all the rates for every single item that can be claimed on a specific banner. We always knew that rated up SSRs were 0.7%, but I think Gamepress was working under the assumption that SRs were also proportionally 70% of the SR chance (3%), which we now know is not the case (it's 50%, or 1.5% rate for a rated up SR). I think you guys need to revisit these algorithms as well, now that it has all been made transparent. I only say this because it seems like it's closer to 70% than 50% for rated up SRs on the simulated rolls as averages, but maybe not, maybe you guys already have that one right? Either way, I just wanted to point out that the simulated gacha needs updating in certain areas, so if you guys get the chance, please work on that.

Thank you!

Asked by ArondightBolg289 months ago


My first point - its rng. Karna and Arjuna are in the simulator, ive rolled a karna while hitting the e pluribus banner simulator for lols. The reason you haven't pulled one is probably all down due to rng, because Karna or Arjuna each have a 0.01 chance of appearing in the story, or any other nonfocused gacha

My second point - who cares?


Your first point: It's not just RNG, I am pretty sure some of the more recent servants are not in the pools they should be. Rama is a better example, since he is of lower rarity but doesn't seem to appear in any rolls outside of the banner he was on (same with other America 4*s that should be in all later pools, though not all since some are story-locked). I think some of the pools just haven't been updated with the general pool servants beyond Christmas and London, that's what it seems to be to me after quite a bit of testing, I even noticed it with the damn 3*s, so yeah, if Geronimo not showing up after hundreds of rolls isn't definitive proof that the pools have not been updated, I don't know what is.

Your second point: It's not that important obviously, but a simulation should try and be accurate, that's all I'm saying. I would at least want it to be, just for the sake of fidelity, even if it's just a simulator. Some people may actually care about that, though I understand that it's nothing really going crazy over. I think if the proportions are not accurate to the now known rates (as I said, maybe it was initially believed rated-up 4*s were 70% like 5*s), then the accuracy of the simulator is definitely an issue.

I just wanted to bring it up in case anyone cared.