what servants to put works into for endgame

So still new here just began septum and got no husbands excepts vlad so what teams can make it easier for me to go and grind story till solomon and im an idiot so what teams comps are ideal

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And heres part 2 of the roster


just whale SQ to revive party constantly /*derp noises*/


Not that this is a team comp but you should np lvl your servants that have duplicates


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Still new but you have Nobu from early last year? :-P

Camelot is the hardest part of the story. To beat it you'll need most of all good archers (Euryale is MVP here) and a decent saber as well. Focus on Altera, Euryale and Emiya for that. Herc is also great.

For Solomon you'll need strong single target servants against the pillars and also generally strong servants with high survivability for the final fights. Again, I suggest leveling Herc, and also Waver and Tamamo for supports. Don't forget Mash, she is the best free tank out there.

Always bring Herc to every fight so you can collect bond points for him. It will help immensely during Solomon and as a plus you'll get his bond CE faster.


New? Nobu is a welfare servant from 2017 and you have a lot of SSR besides, including a limited one from last January. Took a break or bought a starter account?

Waver's a universal support and will fit any team. Tamamono is a arts support suited for servants like vlad, li, Robin hood, etc. Herc can pound through most enemies and has good survivability, especially with bond ce.

Honestly, most of the game can be played with just a good st and AoE servant in each class, or clubbing your way through with berserkers. Pick some favorites, start leveling, and have fun. Maybe read through the servant guides. Some servants are pretty weak (Edison) or very niche (Steno) or won't be very strong until their strengthening quest (astolfo). Most of your servants are pretty good, though some favor survivability over damage (Marie, Cu) and are good as backline defense.


It's absolutely an old acc, maybe the owner take a break for more than a year or bought an account and it's a freaking veteran accounts !
That acc probably has been ''sleeping'' for more than 1,5 years.

Alright, you can beat ALL of the game contents and CHALLENGES with only one REQUIREMENT !
That's to RAISE your servants for each department, department here would means class triangle system.

You can think about team comps and something like that later, it's not the main issues here.
The biggest problem is all your of servants is underleveled and underleveled servants can't be used effectively in any kind of teams.

Don't forget this game can be beaten by using 1-3 star servants, any servants basically can be used for endgames.
We will probably thinks that ''endgame'' truly mean here is max leveled + decent skilled unit/servants + good team comps + counter class advantage system. Not just a GG or broken unit.
Plus level up your CEs by preparing some CE bombs.

How to make the CE bombs ? Go prepare some reasonable amount of FP ( friend points ). More FP, the better your results will be.
Then you can limit break ( MLB ) Silver or Bronze CEs, Bronze CEs are more recommended.

The full simplified steps, this method can make your eyes hurt a bit and a little headache. Here we go :

- use as many FP as you can.
- limit break the bomb CEs ( 1 base CE + 4 copies of the same CEs ) along with other CEs until the enchancement slot is full.
- go take another ''food' CEs to make the bomb even tastier, always use different CEs as your 'food'.
- until the bombs CEs level is reasonably high, then feed it to your best gameplay/favorite CEs.
- use it when 2x/3x success event is arrive, you can use it immediately if you're pretty confident about your luck.

Bonus :
- Upgrade your servant NP level, raising Saber Artoria and Saber Artoria is a total waste of materials. Better to use one copy as a way to increase her performance, don't forget to unlock the servant first if you want to upgrade her NP level.
- for the team comps, you have lot's of good Art and Buster team.

Team comp list :

* Waver + Merlin + any Buster servants. Need to level your servant first ! Can't use Waver Atk skill and your Buster servants need level to unlock more skills.

* Waver + Tamamo + any Art servants. Need to level your servant first ! Can't use Tamamo 3 skill, can't consistenly spam NP because you lack servants skills.

* Waver + Jeanne + Tamamo, Art Stall Zombie team. Your Waver and Tamamo can died early and leaving Jeanne to dying slowly, same problem and raising your servants is your highest priority now.

* Learn how to solo stuff using servants like Chu, Chu Alter, Heracles and OG Nero. They're the best Last Man Standing A.K.A the toughest Cockroach on NA server now. The set up, taunter ( Georgios/Leonidas ) + Last Man Standing ( 4 Cockroach Anchor ) + taunter.

* There are tons of amazing team comps out there.

No matter how good your team comps is, if all of your servants is underleveled then technically you can't use your dream teams.

Don't forget to slow down a bit when you're facing singularities like Camelot and Babylonia. If you don't slow down, the Knights will rekt you so hard.

Sorry for the longpost !


I think I remember someone saying that when a CE bomb "crits", the only part that multiplies is the base XP of the card. I presume this is because the XP fed into the card had already had the chance to crit. If this is the case, then it doesn't help to save it for XP events