Who should I be going for? (Newbie Asks)

So I pull Gilgamesh back when this game came out and leveled him up a bit (I think 62) but I have not played the game in MONTHS. Not by a long shot.

If I were to possibly try to play, who should I try to pull to go with Gilgy? I have Heracles already and has been who I have used. Do I need a servant that can supply a boat load of crit stars so he can shine?

Where is my focus?

What is my motivation?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Thanks for any help.

Asked by ELITEtvGAMER9 months 1 week ago


by BheraZ 9 months 1 week ago

1.Gilgamesh is an independent servant that doesnt need any special treatment. Just look for support who provide Gils Survivability since he lack defense buff(lol he doesn't have anything). Waver maybe? or Andersen if you looking for low budget servant.
2.I don't quite understand what could motivate you in playing games, just play for fun m8, dont think too hard. it'll ruin your day
3.I tried my best to made mac'n cheese last night, but the sauce was too much and break the balance of the taste since i don't put a lot of cheese. It's just taste like macaroni and milk.


Crit star servants (jack, Hassan) would help Gil with his large star absorption but he can still be good without one since he generates them pretty well too. Waver is a good support for everyone