AP Cost 1
Bond Points 915
QP 9,400
Quest EXP 38,190
Quest Type Event

Quest Overview

When entering the third wave, all Servants including backline will have their NP gauge drained to 0% and will be inflicted by NP Damage Down (20 turns, unremovable).

Note you CANNOT use the revive full party option (using 3 Command Seals or 1 Saint Quartz) in this quest! If your party falls, the quest immediately ends.

A detailed guide for this encounter can be found [HERE]

Enemy Details

Part 1
Battle 1/3
Guest Servants: None
Enemies Class HP Lvl
36,680 50
28,445 55
28,445 55
Battle 2/3
Guest Servants: None
Enemies Class HP Lvl
61,134 52
39,847 60
61,134 52
Fatal Battle 3/3
Guest Servants: None
Enemies Class HP Lvl

He Who Saw the Deep (Archer)
-At start of encounter: Drains all of your Servant's NP gauge to 0% (including back line). Inflicts NP Damage Down (10 turns) which cannot be removed.
-Clock buff: Attack increases every turn for 20 turns. Each buff lasts for 20 turns. Does not use up an action.
-High resistance to all damage types, decreases every turn for 20 turns.
-High Critical rate.
-Clearing his buffs will cause him to reapply the original Clock buff, fill his NP to full, and use his NP the next turn.
-Increased debuff resistance and doubled resistance to buff removal.

1,506,155 90

Quest Drops

Magic Gem of Archer x1 15.0% (Max: 6)
Secret Gem of Archer x1 19.8% (Max: 6)
Meteor Horseshoe x1 34.8% (Max: 6)
Archer Monument x1 100.0% (Max: 1)
Joint Recital Joint Recital x1 2.0% (Max: 1)