Return of Nero Fest 2018: Act VI - The Oldest Hero

Boss Statistics

Gilgamesh2 HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn (The Special Attack buff does not count as an action)
Humanoid, Male, Divinity, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish, King
Passive Increase debuff resistance by 10%.
Passively high crit chance and crit damage.
Skills Upon entering the third wave, Gilgamesh will activate a skill which reduces the NP gauges of all your Servants (including backline Servants) to 0%, as well as significantly reducing their NP Power (by presumably 50%) for 10 turns. This debuff cannot be removed or prevented.
On his first action, Gilgamesh will apply a 20 turn buff which automatically increases his attack stat every turn. This buff rapidly stacks up with Gilgamesh’s high attack and critical damage to deal incredibly high damage after a few turns. This buff is removable, as are all of the attack buffs it brings, however...
If Gilgamesh’s attack buffs are removed, Gilgamesh will immediately charge his NP gauge as his first available action, restart his attack buff-chain for the same duration and then then unleash his NP.
Charisma A+: Increase allies' attack by 21% for three turns.
Golden Rule A: Increase own NP Gauge by 1.
NP Effect Enuma Elish: Area of Effect damage with increased damage versus Servants with the Weak to Enuma Elish trait (which is most of them).
Battle 1/3

Centaur Knight


Centaur Knight


Centaur Paladin

Battle 2/3

Centaur Paladin


Centaur Knight


Centaur Paladin

Fatal Battle 3/3


Boss Analysis

  • Enemy Skills: Gilgamesh immediately reduces your entire team’s NP gauge to 0% upon reaching the 3rd wave, including the backline. Support Noble Phantasms like Lord Camelot should be used right before the third wave, while NP charge skills should be conserved until the third wave.

  • Upon entering the third wave, Gilgamesh applies a harsh (presumably 50%) 10-turn debuff to Noble Phantasm damage that can’t be removed . It is also applied to the backline, and will not be reapplied after it expires. This skill renders most NP rush strategies ineffective.

  • During the battle, Gilgamesh can cast Charisma or Golden Rule randomly. Beware of a sudden Enuma Elish.

  • Gilgamesh has a high passive Crit Rate, and additional (unlisted) Magic Resistance.

  • Enemy AI: Removing Gilgamesh’s buffs will result in him re-applying his continual attack buff and immediately using Ea. Since he will cast this skill first, using buff removal when his NP gauge is already full will not result in a second Ea. Occasionally resetting his stack of attack buffs is highly recommended.

Team Composition Recommendations

  • Team Comp: Single Target Lancers are the ideal choice for damage, especially since Gilgamesh will shred through most Berserkers.

  • High Critical Damage is recommended to circumvent the NP damage debuff. Alternatively, you can use Servants with high Noble Phantasm damage to blow through the NP damage debuff anyway, or survive long enough to outlast the Noble Phantasm debuff and then delete him.

  • Stalling Gilgamesh: Stalling Gilgamesh while the Noble Phantasm debuff is active, is a valid strategy. Having Servants with Buff Removal, AOE Dodge / Invulnerability, taunts, NP Gauge Drain, stuns/charms, and/or Critical Rate Down debuffs are key to survival. Guts may work as well. Do note that Gilgamesh's Magic Resistance makes debuffs somewhat unreliable.

  • Mystic Code Options: are mostly flexible. Anniversary Blonde can aid in Critical damage output with its huge star button and powerful Buster buff, while Chaldea Combat suit can be used to sub in skill-users like Waver/David as well as stun Gilgamesh for an extra turn.

  • CE Recommendations: A MLB White Rose CE is the best bet to rush down Gilgamesh in terms of raw damage. CEs that provide stars like Fragments of 2030, or Golden Catches a Carp, are pretty decent. For backline supports, Evasion/Invincibility CEs like Volumen Hydragyrum or Melty Sweetheart are excellent for survival, with guts CEs tentatively recommended for unreliable survival. Taunt CE's like Guda Guda Poster Girl are also good for directing damage towards servants with good survivability.

  • Tips and Tactics: Since Gilgamesh's attack buffs will outscale most defense buffs, try to abuse Evasion/Invincibility as much as possible. Do try to use them after the first turn or two when Gilgamesh's basic attacks start to really hurt.

  • All of Gilgamesh’s cards have 5 hits, meaning he will charge a minimum of 15% NP gauge to his target per card, and up to 90%(!) NP gauge if he focuses an Avenger like Jeanne D’Arc (Alter) or Edmond Dantes for a turn. Surviving such an onslaught would be difficult, but Avengers and Berserkers benefit a lot from Gilgamesh’s hit counts.

Servant Recommendations

  • The Servant selection for this node is rather straightforward.
  • The 2 most reliable Lancer DPS to borrow are Scathach and Tamamo (Lancer). Both of them posses a single target NP and access to an anti-trait bonus. Similarly both have survival options of their own. Where Scathach is more reliant on her NP, Tamamo can potentially obliterate Gilgamesh with a powerful NPBB chain. Tamamo is more tricky to use however, considering the demerits in her kit.
  • The other Lancer are also welcome additions, and each of them have some strengths of their own that can be exploited, from NP seals to taking hits with Protection from Arrows. See the tables for the best picks and for what role they could fulfill.
  • Offensively there aren't too many options to support the Lancers. Waver is always a safe options, but Hans can pull his weight as well. Use his NP before the third wave starts.
  • Defensively, the main objective is to protect the (borrowed) DPS with the limit-broken Event CE. Servants like Mash or taunt Servants go a long way towards buying valuable DPS time. AoE immunities from the likes of Tristan and David are also great for defending against Enuma Elish.
  • For extended fights, try to bring some form of buff removal to weaken Gilgamesh. He will NP right afterwards.
  • Finally, while the original Cu tends to lack good damage, he can still do impressive last stands.

Team Recommendations Table

- Recommended
Lancer DPS Options

Riskier Offensive Options
Last Stand Options
Support – AOE Dodge / Invulnerability
Support – damage/critical Up
Support – NP Gauge Reduction
Support – Buff Removal
Support – Taunt and Survival