Revival: Chaldea Boys Collection 2018

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Campaign Period

3/6/2019 20:00 - 3/20/2019 20:59 PST

General Information

  • [Official Chaldea Boys Collection 2018 Rerun] News Link!
  • Starting on 3/6/2019, players will be given a CBC2018 Special Invitation Special Invitation Card as a login reward.
  • The CBC2018 Special Invitation Special Invitation Card can be exchanged at the Da Vinci Workshop for only one of the limited Chaldea Boys Collection CEs.
  • The CE will be sent to the gift box and uses up the CBC2018 Special Invitation Special Invitation Card.
  • Make sure to redeem the CBC2018 Special Invitation Special Invitation Card before the end of the event on 3/22/2019 19:59 PST! The Special Invitation Card will be lost even if it has not been redeemed.

Da Vinci Workshop Update

  • The Amakusa Shirou Trial Quest will be added to the Da Vinci Rare Prism Shop.
  • If the item has already been acquired or cleared by the account, then it will not be available and will be marked accordingly.
Item Cost Description
Rare Prism x1 Re-enables the Amakusa Shirou Trial Quest at Chaldea Gate. Can be completed only once.

1/2 AP Ember Campaign

  • Official News Link
  • All Ember Gathering daily quests in Chaldea Gate (Servant EXP) will be 1/2 AP during the Campaign Period!
  • Campaign Period: 3/6/19 20:00 - 3/13/19 20:59 PDT

Featured Craft Essences

Icon Name Featured Servants
Kiss Your Hand 5★
Arts/Buster/Quick +10% (MLB 12%).
Teacher and I 5★
Start with NP at 50% (MLB 60%).
Star Gather Rate +300% (MLB 400%).
Versus 5★
ATK vs Divine +80% for 3 turns (MLB 100%).
DEF vs Divine +40% for 3 turns (MLB 50%).
Beasts Under the Moon 4★
NP Gain +12% (MLB 15%).
Star Drop Rate +12% (MLB 15%).
HP Regen per turn: 200HP (MLB 300HP).
Glass Full Sweet Time 4★
Apply Sure Hit.
Damage Plus 400 (MLB 600).
Damage Taken Cut by 200 (MLB 300).
Noisy Obsession 4★
Crit Damage +15% (MLB 20%).
NP Damage +15% (MLB 20%).
Charm Success Rate +12% (MLB 15%).
Salon de Marie 3★
Apply Evade (1 time).
Healing Received +5% (MLB 10%).
Debuff Success Rate +3% (MLB 5%).
Prince of Slayer 3★
Star Regen per turn: 1 (MLB 2).
ATK vs Dragons +8% (MLB 10%).

Chaldea Boys Collection 2018 Summoning Campaign

  • In the Chaldea Boys Rerun Summoning Campaign, only Male Servants can be summoned.
Date Rate Up Servants Rate Up CEs
3/6 20:00 - 3/20/2019 20:59 PST