Revival: GUDAGUDA Honnoji - Free Quests

Last updated: 2019-03-12. Novice Free Quest updated (slightly lower rates).

Only the first 4 Free Quests are accessible on the first day of the event. Complete the short Main Quests to gradually unlock Free Quests and begin farming. Ideally, wait for the better Free Quests to open before apples are used. 

The drop data listed below is based on two methods combined together: 

  • We gathered data on all Free Quests manually by looking at drops in videos and screenshots from other players and created a decent sample size (between 10-26 for unpopular to popular nodes) upon which we based all the currency drop rates. 
  • For Ascension Materials and the CE drop rates, the old (datamined) data from Kazemai from the initial event more or less aligns with the data found during the samples above - we kept these intact and believe they are still roughly correct.
  • For current drop data analysis and submission, please visit and help out the Atlas Academy's Drop Data Sheet.

On other servers, each Free Quest was unlocked in 2 day intervals. Therefore we expect the following unlock schedule.

Event Date Free Quest Unlocked
Unlocks on 03-12 at 03:00 PDT Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Sanjiva
Unlocks on 03-13 at 00:00 PDT Kalasutra
Unlocks on 03-15 at 00:00 PDT Samaghata
Unlocks on 03-17 at 00:00 PDT Raurava
Unlocks on 03-19 at 00:00 PDT Maharaurava
Unlocks on 03-21 at 00:00 PDT Tapana
Unlocks on 03-23 at 00:00 PDT Pratapana
Unlocks on 03-24 at 00:00 PDT Avici

Free Quests