Sakura-Con 2018 - Fate Grand Order Panel

Hey everyone it's Dimmet, here at Sakura-Con 2018!

It's been a whole year since the first announcement of Fate Grand Order for NA and we have awesome news for you! I do want to apologize on the long delay. Gudako did more than her fair share during the event and … well, it’s okay now! I have everything now!

First of all, last year's FGO announcement was at the end of the Aniplex USA panel. This year was sooo much better! We had our own panel in a room larger than the Aniplex USA panel that was held yesterday! Yay!

Albert, the MC of the event and most importantly, Localization Director of FGO NA, said it as well as anyone can: "JALLLLTTTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!"

I do hope you have plenty of quartz saved! The Zero event is up right afterwards… now, to save for my queen or my king...

The panel was lots of fun but we unfortunately weren't allowed to record during it - no video or audio. *sob* But fear not, we have you covered! A big shout-out to Aniplex of America for providing some of the pictures we have! I was worried you’d never have the chance to see the guest appearances but all ended up well.

And as I mentioned, we had two special guests at the panel too! A visitor we haven't seen in a year and another who was new to the States!

We got to hear from Yosuke Shiokawa, the Creative Director behind FGO Project and Rumi Ōkubo, the voice behind the amazing Elizabeth Bathory and Astolfo in both the game and the Japanese version of Fate/Apocrypha!

They had a lot to say. I took some notes but without recording equipment it was *really* tough! Do try and pardon anything I may have missed! I haven't done shorthand in forever and I know I missed some things!

Without any further ado, enjoy!

Table of Contents

Panel Part 1: Albert-San

Okeanos banner

Yeah, that. Okeanos, Chapter 3! Woo! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Also, by the way I should probably introduce myself. My name is Albert and I’m the Localization Producer of Fate/Grand Order. People see me on stream sometimes. Some people call me the Hamster - on Reddit. So if you have any localization questions….

*ahem* You can find me at the Grand Order booth where I’ll be most of the convention.

So, next event!

London Banner

Mordred! We also have Jack the Ripper in here too. Very interesting characters here. There’s others but I don’t want to talk about them since that’s spoilers.

And next Chapter!

America Banner

The America Chapter! Best nurse by the way. We put a lot of effort into writing the chapter so it delivers the flavor we wanted. And in between these chapters we had the Garden of sinners event!

Don’t worry! These events are here!

We also got the Christmas event!

We had [sic] the Chaldea Boys Collection!

Chaldea Boys Banner

Oh and from all of those events there were a couple characters that were fun. Yes, I look on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. I see what you say… I see them. “This event really made me like this character.” “This made me really excited.” I’m glad you love it!

How many people played the Garden of sinners event?

KNK banner

[points to member of the audience]

You! You didn’t raise your hand… what are you doing!

But in there, there’s that room with Elizabeth. You know what I’m talking about? That was a very sad room. “Uggh, I really have to write this? *sigh* Okay...”

And then we had Chaldea Boys - Astolfo!

Speaking of Liz and Astolfo - we have a guest. From Japan!
So much excitement!

Ready to meet our 1st guest?!