Sakura-Con 2018 - Fate Grand Order Panel Part 1

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Hey everyone it's Dimmet, here at Sakura-Con 2018!

It's been a whole year since the first announcement of Fate Grand Order for NA and we have awesome news for you! I do want to apologize on the long delay. Gudako did more than her fair share during the event and … well, it’s okay now! I have everything now!

First of all, last year's FGO announcement was at the end of the Aniplex USA panel. This year was sooo much better! We had our own panel in a room larger than the Aniplex USA panel that was held yesterday! Yay!

Albert, the MC of the event and most importantly, Localization Director of FGO NA, said it as well as anyone can: "JALLLLTTTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!"

I do hope you have plenty of quartz saved! The Zero event is up right afterwards… now, to save for my queen or my king...

The panel was lots of fun but we unfortunately weren't allowed to record during it - no video or audio. *sob* But fear not, we have you covered! A big shout-out to Aniplex of America for providing some of the pictures we have! I was worried you’d never have the chance to see the guest appearances but all ended up well.

And as I mentioned, we had two special guests at the panel too! A visitor we haven't seen in a year and another who was new to the States!

We got to hear from Yosuke Shiokawa, the Creative Director behind FGO Project and Rumi Ōkubo, the voice behind the amazing Elizabeth Bathory and Astolfo in both the game and the Japanese version of Fate/Apocrypha!

They had a lot to say. I took some notes but without recording equipment it was *really* tough! Do try and pardon anything I may have missed! I haven't done shorthand in forever and I know I missed some things!

Without any further ado, enjoy!

Panel Part 1: Albert-San

Yeah, that. Okeanos, Chapter 3! Woo! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Also, by the way I should probably introduce myself. My name is Albert and I’m the Localization Producer of Fate/Grand Order. People see me on stream sometimes. Some people call me the Hamster - on Reddit. So if you have any localization questions….

*ahem* [smallfont:] You can find me at the Grand Order booth where I’ll be most of the convention

So, next event!

Mordred! We also have Jack the Ripper in here too. Very interesting characters here. There’s others but I don’t want to talk about them since that’s spoilers.

And next Chapter!

The America Chapter! Best nurse by the way. We put a lot of effort into writing the chapter so it delivers the flavor we wanted. And in between these chapters we had the Garden of sinners event!

Don’t worry! These events are here!

We also got the Christmas event!

We had [sic] the Chaldea Boys Collection!

Oh and from all of those events there were a couple characters that were fun. Yes, I look on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit. I see what you say… I see them. “This event really made me like this character.” “This made me really excited.” I’m glad you love it!

How many people played the Garden of sinners event?

[points to member of the audience]
You! You didn’t raise your hand… what are you doing!

But in there, there’s that room with Elizabeth. You know what I’m talking about? That was a very sad room. “Uggh, I really have to write this? *sigh* Okay...”

And then we had Chaldea Boys - Astolfo!

Speaking of Liz and Astolfo - we have a guest. From Japan!
So much excitement!

Ready to meet our 1st guest?!

[audience cheers]

Panel Part 2: Guest Speaker, Rumi Ōkubo

Welcome - the voice of Liz & Astolfo, Miss Rumi Ōkubo~!

Hello! It's Astolfo from FGO!


Hello! Nice to see you!

That's all I can say in English! But thank you everyone for coming out today!

How was your stay?

What did I do today? I arrived two days ago and did sightseeing, space needle, had seafood and steak, and was at the convention yesterday for the signing/autographs I did! Yay!

Amazing. That voice. Thank you!

How did Ōkubo-san start voice acting?

Well, in school my teachers asked what I liked or wanted to do and I replied, "Anime!" I'm not good at drawing and I'm not good at writing stories but I love to act! So that's what I focused on!

Who likes Apoc? (You did, right? If not, what are you doing here!? No wait, don't go. We've gotta spread that gospel!) [all prior talk directed to audience] What was it like when you received a role to perform in a game and later, an anime?

As far as Liz, there's already CCC. Who has played it?

(hands raised)

Thank you! (Spoilers from CCC)

It was a cool opportunity to voice it. When you work on a game you usually return the script, but I actually loved this game and the script... and I still have it at home.

And as for Astolfo all I thought when I saw the character was, “Kawaii! - Cute!” How fun to voice such a cute boy! FGO voicing was 4 years ago but Apoc was more recent. It was so much harder than the other! But Astolfo is a boy. I didn't want to give him too feminine a side to him, but the way he was made and his lines are still cute, so I guess that's how it is. It is difficult to balance and I try to present him as being cool. But in a battle he might not be the strongest, but he is brave and will fight someone stronger than him if it means doing the right thing! So it may be the hardest role I"ve ever done in my career but it gave me such excellent memories!

How was the studio recording like between FGO and Apoc?

For Apoc, aside from (I missed it, but two other VOs), everyone else was not familiar to characters. So we were like teachers! The characters in the anime are much more movement, so it needs more effort. A game is less animated on that sense, so it is a bit easier. I love [?[] and if you don't know who that is, watch Apoc! Please!

I'm so tired(long convention)... but so hype! I'm still hyped!

Who wants to hear more!? A live performance! Rumi Ōkubo, Astolfo!

Introduces Astolfo NP ; VOs Astolfo line live!
cheering [bows and laughs]

So good. Almost froze.
You play FGO too? Without spoilers, who's your fav?

Yes! I do, I liked Okeanos actually. And in that, there's the Blackbeard, Teach. He's kind of a pervert. But as the story progresses, he grows on you. I think I like him by the end! Please play the chapter!

Lots of stuff. No spoilers. Finish Chapter 3 though! So Liz. She's everywhere, just keeps showing up, right? We just heard Astolfo. We can't end there right? Who wants to hear Rumi Ōkubo's Liz performance!?

Come on. Who's excited!? So, here we go!

[ cheering and applause]

Okay! Liz's NP!
[VO for Liz's NP] [cheering and applause]

Who's excited!? Come on! [more cheering]

Panel Part 3: Guest Speaker, Yosuke Shiwokawa

So FGO. We have more. If you saw the program you know who's next. Welcome to Yosuke Shiwokawa!

[applause and cheering]

Welcome to Sakura-Con! We were here last year with you too!

Hi everyone. I’m Yosuke Shiwokawa, producer of FGO Project and happy to be here and meet u guys. Enjoy FGO?

So Mr. Shiwokawa - you and Seattle! What's your history?

Ah yes, I actually spent four years in Bellevue and it's nice to be back here. It's like a second home and very exciting.

Ōkubo, is this your first time in Seattle?

What would you recommend Shiwokawa?

Amazon Go!

Thanks. Huh. I want to go there too now. Saw on the news and it looks cool. Any special memories from last year Sakura-Con?

We announced FGO at Sakura-Con last year. I saw a lot of FGO cosplayers last year and even more this year. It's made me really happy!

So one year. What's your thoughts for the anniversary?

So exciting. Great to see such a large crowd. We're still going strong and we hope to see a 2nd and 3rd anniversary for NA. Keep supporting us!

So many events. So many chapters. Just finished the fifth!
What's the chapter or event most memorable, Ōkubo?

The halloween event and caster Liz is so cute! I pet my figurine of her every day! And! Her pantsu are cute too!

Lots of events and lots of characters. When ever I complete a chapter I always feel for the characters you work along. I loved the Kara no Kyoukai [Garden of sinners in NA] and Shiki is such a great character.

We love FGO. Let’s have our First, Second, and Third anniversaries! What can players look forward to?

The main story for the game as it continues! We finished Act 1 in JP and there's a lot of emotion to it all. I really hope everyone in the US is just as excited for it!

how about you Ōkubo?

Yes! I really love the main scenario too. But if you follow Fate/stay night, you will have feelings for some of those servants change if you know of both franchises. The bond you create for a lot of those servants is very exciting.

Thank you both so much for all of this.

Now, it's an FGO panel. What does that mean? New information!


Hush! Don't gimme that! *laughs* Okay, Shiwokawa, do you have anything for us?

Yes! Please watch!

[Video: summoning video : New Servant... Avenger... JEANNE ALTER!
Screenshot of her profile IN ENGLISH]


[Albert runs across the room]

So the Counterfeit Event starts April 4. And with it, we have a pickup story for this!

[Points to Jeanne Alter]

So they're excited! What's the event about?

Yes. It is about Jeanne Alter and others. You will see them in a different 'light'. Please look forward to it!

Okay, get ready! It's next week. Get those quartz ready! I'm ready. Ready to whale! I heard we have another announcement?

Yes, a movie, please watch.

[FGO VR United states voiced in English. Video plays out]

[people cheering ; when Altria speaks in english people are worried, lol]

JP subtitles in VR would be tough though!

So a localized version of FGO VR coming here! Look forward to it. July at Anime Expo we'll have booths set up so people can try it out!

So much information! So exciting!

You'll see me at the demo booth and nobody will be able to pull me away. "Albert, get to work!" "Nooo!"

So with that said, we have to say goodbye.

Anything else to say Shiokawa or Ōkubo?

Thank you very much but there's one more thing!

SAINT QUARTZ! +10 for Sakura-Con!

Thank you so much. We want FGO to be the greatest game out there and your support means so much. Thank you!

So encouraging! Thanks. Miss Ōkubo?

Yes! Thank you everyone for being here today. I've never seen such a large and loud crowd as I have here! The reactions I see from all of you, I'm so touched. I'm just so fortunate. My characters are also so fortunate to have masters like you. So great.

Okay, put your hands together one last time for Miss Ōkubo and Mr Shiokawa!

[cheering and applause]

[standing ovation and cheering and clapping!]

So there you have it! So much fun! So much excitement! I can’t wait to see some FGO VR. Directing has been taken to a whole new level!

So with all that said, I might have an opportunity to catch up with some of the Aniplex USA staff in the future. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask their localization staff? Upcoming events, maybe follow-up on the panels? Click here to add your two cents and we’ll see what we can do!