Sakura-Con 2018 - Fate Grand Order Panel Part 3

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Panel Part 3: Guest Speaker, Yosuke Shiwokawa

So FGO. We have more. If you saw the program you know who's next. Welcome to Yosuke Shiwokawa!

*applause and cheering*

Welcome to Sakura-Con! We were here last year with you too!

Hi everyone. I’m Yosuke Shiwokawa, producer of FGO Project and happy to be here and meet u guys. Enjoy FGO?

So Mr. Shiwokawa - you and Seattle! What's your history?

Ah yes, I actually spent four years in Bellevue and it's nice to be back here. It's like a second home and very exciting.

Ōkubo, is this your first time in Seattle?

What would you recommend, Shiwokawa?

Amazon Go!

Thanks. Huh. I want to go there too now. Saw on the news and it looks cool. Any special memories from last year Sakura-Con?

We announced FGO at Sakura-Con last year. I saw a lot of FGO cosplayers last year and even more this year. It's made me really happy!

So one year. What's your thoughts for the anniversary?

So exciting. Great to see such a large crowd. We're still going strong and we hope to see a 2nd and 3rd anniversary for NA. Keep supporting us!

So many events. So many chapters. Just finished the fifth!
What's the chapter or event most memorable, Ōkubo?

The halloween event and caster Liz is so cute! I pet my figurine of her every day! And! Her pantsu are cute too!

Lots of events and lots of characters. When ever I complete a chapter I always feel for the characters you work along. I loved the Kara no Kyoukai [Garden of sinners in NA] and Shiki is such a great character.

We love FGO. Let’s have our First, Second, and Third anniversaries! What can players look forward to?

The main story for the game as it continues! We finished Act 1 in JP and there's a lot of emotion to it all. I really hope everyone in the US is just as excited for it!

how about you Ōkubo?

Yes! I really love the main scenario too. But if you follow Fate/stay night, you will have feelings for some of those servants change if you know of both franchises. The bond you create for a lot of those servants is very exciting.