Sakura-Con 2018 - Fate Grand Order Panel Part 4

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Panel Part 4: Wrap Up

Thank you both so much for all of this.

Now, it's an FGO panel. What does that mean? New information!


Hush! Don't gimme that! *laughs* Okay, Shiwokawa, do you have anything for us?

Yes! Please watch!

[Video: summoning video : New Servant... Avenger... JEANNE ALTER!
Screenshot of her profile IN ENGLISH]


[Albert runs across the room]

So the Counterfeit Event starts April 4. And with it, we have a pickup story for this!

[Points to Jeanne Alter]

So they're excited! What's the event about?

Yes. It is about Jeanne Alter and others. You will see them in a different 'light'. Please look forward to it!

Okay, get ready! It's next week. Get those quartz ready! I'm ready. Ready to whale! I heard we have another announcement?

Yes, a movie, please watch.

[FGO VR United states voiced in English. Video plays out]

[people cheering ; when Altria speaks in english people are worried, lol]

JP subtitles in VR would be tough though!

So a localized version of FGO VR coming here! Look forward to it. July at Anime Expo we'll have booths set up so people can try it out!

So much information! So exciting!

You'll see me at the demo booth and nobody will be able to pull me away. "Albert, get to work!" "Nooo!"

So with that said, we have to say goodbye.

Anything else to say Shiokawa or Ōkubo?

Thank you very much but there's one more thing!

SAINT QUARTZ! +10 for Sakura-Con!

Thank you so much. We want FGO to be the greatest game out there and your support means so much. Thank you!

So encouraging! Thanks. Miss Ōkubo?

Yes! Thank you everyone for being here today. I've never seen such a large and loud crowd as I have here! The reactions I see from all of you, I'm so touched. I'm just so fortunate. My characters are also so fortunate to have masters like you. So great.

Okay, put your hands together one last time for Miss Ōkubo and Mr Shiokawa!

[cheering and applause]

[standing ovation and cheering and clapping!]

So there you have it! So much fun! So much excitement! I can’t wait to see some FGO VR. Directing has been taken to a whole new level!

So with all that said, I might have an opportunity to catch up with some of the Aniplex USA staff in the future. Do you have any questions you’d like to ask their localization staff? Upcoming events, maybe follow-up on the panels? Click here to add your two cents and we’ll see what we can do!