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April Fool's
Neutral Good
Max HP 8,640
HP Rank
Max ATK 7,356
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,555Base HP1,366
Max Atk 7,356 Max HP 8,640
Grail Atk 9,955 Grail HP 11,714
NP per Hit (%) 0.86%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 205
Star Generation per Hit 9.0%

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Servant Skills

Charisma C

Increases party's attack for 3 turns.

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Attack + 8%8.8%9.6%10.4%11.2%12%12.8%13.6%14.4%16%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Available from the start

Fair Youth B

Chance to Charm one Humanoid enemy for 1 turn.

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Charm Chance 50%53%56%59%62%65%68%71%74%80%
CD 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 7

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Omen of the Conqueror A

Increases party's Quick performance for 3 turns.

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Quick + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after Rank Up Quest

Class Skills

Magic Resistance D

Increase your Debuff Resist by 12.5%.

Divinity E

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +100).

Riding A+

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 11%.

Noble Phantasm

Bucephalus B+

Deals damage to all enemies.


Gain critical stars.

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The Beginning of Trampling Conquest

Rank Classification Hit-Count
B+ Anti-Army 1

Deals damage to all enemies.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
600% 800% 900% 950% 1000%
Overcharge Effect

Gain critical stars.

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
5 10 15 20 25
Bucephalus (Upgrade 1) B++

Upgrade via Interlude 1.

Deals damage to all enemies.

<Overcharge> Gain critical stars.

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Bucephalus (Upgrade 1)

The Beginning of Trampling Conquest

Rank Classification Hit-Count
B++ Anti-Army 1
Effect Deals damage to all enemies.
Level 1 2 3 4 5
800% 1000% 1100% 1150% 1200%
Overcharge Effect Gain critical stars.
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
15 20 25 30 35

Assorted Info

ID 28
Cost 7
Gender Male
Growth Linear
Inst. Death Chance 40.00%
Damage Distribution Quick 33,67
Damage Distribution Arts 33,67
Damage Distribution Buster 100
Damage Distribution Extra 12,25,63
Damage Distribution NP 100

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Interlude Quests

Quest Requirements Reward
Chapter Completion: Okeanos

Ascension: 2

Bond: 4

Rank Up 1
Chapter Completion:

Ascension: 4

Bond: 0

✔ = Available ✖ = Unavailable

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 50,000
2 → 3 100,000
3 → 4 300,000
4 → 5 400,000
5 → 6 10,000,000
6 → 7 1,250,000
7 → 8 2,500,000
8 → 9 3,000,000
9 → 10 5,000,000

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req. 2,500 3,750 5,000 6,250 10,000 212,500 220,000 250,000 290,000 350,000
Cask of the Wise

When equipped on Alexander,
Increase Quick Card effectiveness of all allies by 15% while on the field.

Table of Contents


Alexander is fairly similar to Ushiwakamaru and Julius Caesar. All three of them are Quick-oriented Servants with decent team support capability, especially so in the case of Ushiwakamaru as she is nearly identical with Alex in terms of her generation stats, card deck and hit count. Alexander, however, does fall behind his two counterparts due to his skillset being slightly worse, with one of them being only good in a Quick-oriented team, and having an AoE Noble Phantasm, meaning while he is better at farming, his damage output, in general, pales in comparison to the other two. Even as a farming Servant he faces stiff competition from Medusa, another 3 star AoE Rider but with better burst potential on her NP thanks to Monstrous Strength and much easier time reaching 100% NP bar thanks to having an NP charge skill.

Overall, Alex is not a terrible Servant, and he will find use in teams that appreciate some form of Quick support, such as when paired with Servants like Atalante or Okita. Nonetheless, he is not someone to go out of the way for or investing in either, as there are better options available.


  • Decent team support capability, especially Quick teams, with two teamwide buffs
  • Has a charm skill that works well in challenges against enemy Servants
  • One of the few low rarity AoE Riders, making him useful for daily farming


  • Mediocre star and NP generation
  • Damage output is low due to lack of potent self-buffs and Buster cards. He does have naturally high star absorption however and can make up for it through crit
  • Does not have great survivability due to lack of strong defensive skills

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Alexander has two teamwide buffs that are worth leveling. Charisma has the edge of being available early and also is better in most generic teams, while Omen of the Conqueror is only available after his Rank Up quest, and only has real value when used alongside Quick-oriented servants like Atalante. For general use, Charisma first and Omen of the Conqueror second is a solid skill leveling order. Fair Youth should always be maxed last, or not at all, since even at a high level it is quite unreliable and niche.

Craft Essence Recommendation

  • Imaginary Around / Gandr: Alexander will mainly use his Quick cards so it is a good idea to boost these cards performance as they improve both his NP generation and damage output.
  • Guda-O / Gem Magecraft: Antumbra: These CEs are not bad choices for a Rider, as Alex has naturally high critical star absorption and can reliably take away the stars, provided his teammates do not have similar stars absorption rate
  • Kaleidoscope / Imaginary Element: These CEs are for farming purposes, and Alex with his AoE NP is a decent choice for farming QP or doing Caster daily 

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date Since Launch
AKA/Alias/Nicknames Young/Shota Iskandar, Alexshota, Shotalex, etc.
Country/Place of Origin Macedonia
Illustrator BUNBUN
Seiyuu (CV) Maaya Sakamoto
Series Fate/Grand Order



Valentine's CE


Non-Limited - Available in the general summoning pool.

Table of Contents