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This isn’t really a need more of a want. Why can’t you start your own account?

I guess but tutorial isn’t that bad to get through

Don’t think it’s really a trick just more of luck but take this with a grain of salt minus Nero B…

Double waver, tama lancer, gil and raikou

Question: Personal MVP's?

Wanted one copy of azure magical girl ended up spending like 400 quartz for it while getting atro…

Yeah bittersweet since Artoria is np3 and Altera np2 now I just find it funny it was harder to pu…

That’s because the missions unlock at 9pm pst tonight give it like 7 hours

I’ve used over 1.1m fp for him and haven’t gotten him

This is one of the few things we are not 2 years exactly behind Jp on

It’s a subjective tier list, the great thing about this game is that you can use whoever you want…