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Honestly didnt change the team much, just took out Herc and took in Summer Arturia, full setup wa…

Question: Personal MVP's?

the raid fight costs 10 AP, and even if u not kill them, u still gain exp, bond points and drops.…

any EX quest holds one for second wave

tbh, 80% of ppl giving u "free" friend code actually has wet dreams of their FP becoming higher..…

second part EX quest

Question: Mission No. 70

yup, i was wrong, candle world has Ifreeta, she's still holds one placeholder, not two

for those with Cu

more interesting question is, are tickets affected by rate up gacha or not

i think its average luck tbh, first few rolls are always tend to be lucky (well from my own exper…

tbh, for me "farming" = berserker. a friend with Raikou would be invaluable

and "damage de…