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FYI, I got one from Sakata Kintoki

Thank you! That’s really good to know. :) Just wondering if you also know how many mana prisms a…

hmm that could do too. Just feel the 30 ap for ~8 silver card is not that efficient....

Is it the one you were talking about thats coming this Xmas?


I have about 50 gold 50 silver and some bronze. still rolling the current lottery

Thanks! you mean 85 mana prisms per box for the upcoming Xmas event?
Check it out here. it updates weekly…

Hi Cerpin, Can I add your as well? My IGN is Miqote. Sent you a request. Thanks!

sent you a request! please accept :) My IGN: Miqote
Thank youuu!

Thanks guys for the answers! Finally the table makes more sense to me now lol :D

Question: NP Overcharge