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Max HP 13,632
HP Rank
Max ATK 11,976
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,850Base HP1,999
Max Atk 11,976 Max HP 13,632
Grail Atk 13,110 Grail HP 14,934

Stat Ratings

Attack / HP Growth


Karna is an AOE Lancer who focuses on self sufficient critical damage while also providing niche but powerful team support. Thanks to his high attack stat (one of the highest non-Berserker attacks in the game after class attack modifiers) and a powerful NP damage steroid, he inflicts reasonably high damage from Vasavi Shakti despite no interlude to bolster its damage. Against Divine enemies (of whom the Archer class is thankfully filled to the brim with), Karna can really bring out the pain, inflicting damage equal to most single target NPs.

While his weaker NP damage output makes him an inferior offensive unit to Scathach in most cases, his more consistent NP gain and star generation allow him to fit into a wider variety of teams and carry his own weight with his powerful critical damage and star generation skills.


  • Mana Burst (Flame) is unique in that it splits the normal +50% Buster buff between Buster boost and NP power up. While this harms his NPBB chain damage, it makes his NP damage much higher than his AOE competitors, even moreso if he gets an attack buff due to how buff multiplicative stacking works.
  • Excellent critical damage and stargen in spite of his plain hitcounts thanks to Uncrowned Arms Mastery, while also aiding his NP gain with a small gauge charge.
  • Can support his debuffing allies using Knowledge of the Deprived, applying a guaranteed -50% debuff resistance debuff, negating essentially all forms of magic resistance for a turn, on top of the NP seal effect.


  • Can struggle to provide and absorb stars for himself while Uncrowned Arms Mastery is inactive, due to the Lancer class's slightly low star weight.
  • With zero defensive skills of any variety and a relatively low HP stat, Karna is particularly fragile.

Craft Essence Recommendation

  • Kaleidoscope / Imaginary Magic (Limit Broken) - For when you want to immediately kill the first Divine thing holding a bow that walks into your sight. This is sort of a waste of Karna's critical damage potential with other CE's, but his NP hurts enough to make it work.
  • Seal Designation Enforcer - Karna covers pretty much every aspect of being a critical damage dealer except having good star weight. This CE handily fixes it. If you run it Karna will probably want some critical damage support from a Hans or Waver to compensate, however.
  • Victor of the Moon - Karna's primary damage CE. If stars are in abundance, making his star weight irrelevant, this is what you want to run. Giving a massive attack boost and also bolstering Karna's two main means of damage, this CE is just the perfect fit for him.
  • Limit / Over Zero / Verdant Sound of Destruction - Karna likes Buster cards. This will become evident even further into the future. While slightly over-specialised, this is a solid option for aiding his NP damage output and critical damage output at once.
  • Golden Sumo - As yet unreleased, this event CE has a unique advantage in being one of the only CE's to grant a bonus to attack like a Charisma buff. When combined with Karna's Mana Burst, this allows him to gain the maximum potential damage out of his NP without any outside assistance. The starting NP gauge also helps.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Karna's skills are all quite competent and should be maxed if resources are available. Mana Burst (Flame) is obviously the most straightforward to use since it vastly improves Karna's damage output on not only his Noble Phantasm, but also his Buster Critical Attacks.

Uncrowned Arm Mastery is a handy NP charge skill, and also adds a sizable buff to Karna's Critical Damage, which makes him a very potent damage dealer if the team can supply him critical stars. The Star Generation buff also comes in quite handy due to Karna having two Quick cards with 3 hits each and has a Quick card performance buff from his Riding skill. There is little reason to not level up this skill as it improves Karna in all of his aspects.

Knowledge of the Deprived is a very useful skill for the tough challenge. However, the actual value of the skill doesn't really improve all that much and the real reason to raise this skill up is for the reduced cooldown. Still, it should be leveled last since it doesn't add as much value as Mana Burst (Flame) and Uncrowned Arm Mastery.

Interlude Quests

Quest Ascen. Bond Reward
Interlude 1
Chapter Completion: Okeanos
1 2
✔ = Available ✖ = Unavailable

Servant Skills

Knowledge of the Deprived A

Seal one enemy's NP for 1 turn.
Reduces their debuff resistance for 1 turn.

Show Info
Debuff Res - 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Available from the start

Mana Burst (Flame) A

Increases own Buster performance for 1 turn.
Increases own NP damage for 1 turn.

Show Info
Buster + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
NP Damage + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Uncrowned Arms Mastery

Charges own NP gauge by 25%.
Increases own critical star generation rate for 3 turns.
Increases own critical damage for 3 turns.

Show Info
Star Generation + 30%32%34%36%38%40%42%44%46%50%
Crit Damage + 20%22%24%26%28%30%32%34%36%40%
CD 8 8 8 8 8 7 7 7 7 6

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Class Skills

Magic Resistance C

Increase your Debuff Resist by 15%.

Divinity A

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +200).

Riding A

Increase your Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.

Noble Phantasm

Vasavi Shakti

O' Sun, Abide to Death

Deals damage to all enemies.

Overcharge Effect

Deals extra damage against Divine enemies.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Damage + 150% 162.5% 175% 187.5% 200%

Vasavi Shakti

O' Sun, Abide to Death

Upgrades after Rank Up Quest (Not available, ETA 2019/08)

Deals damage to all enemies.
Reduces their resistance against Buster card by 20% for 3 turns.

Overcharge Effect

Deals extra damage against Divine enemies.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Damage + 400% 500% 550% 575% 600%
Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
Damage + 150% 162.5% 175% 187.5% 200%

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 200,000
2 → 3 400,000
3 → 4 1,200,000
4 → 5 1,600,000
5 → 6 4,000,000
6 → 7 5,000,000
7 → 8 10,000,000
8 → 9 12,000,000
9 → 10 20,000,000

Unit Info

Star Info

Star Absorption88
Star Generation12.2%

NP Info

NP Charge per Hit (%)0.72%
NP Charge when Attacked (%)4%

Hits Info

# of Hits (A)3
# of Hits (B)1
# of Hits (Q)3
# of Hits (EX)4

Traits Info

Trait 1HumanoidTrait 6Weak to Enuma Elish
Trait 2ServantTrait 7Heaven or Earth
Trait 3RidingTrait 8
Trait 4Brynhild's BelovedTrait 9
Trait 5DivineTrait 10

Death Info

Instant Death Chance28.00%

Other Info

Release HistoryNew Year's Campaign, America Chapter Release
AKAs/Aliases/(Fan) NicknamesLancer of Red, Launcher
AlignmentLawful Good
Country/Place of OriginIndia
Seiyuu (CV)Kouji Yusa